Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Baccus Prodromoi and Companion Cavalry

I have been rather slack on getting finished units onto the blog of late. Fortunately I have at least been painting a reasonable amount. I picked up these at the Joy of Six so they have not been on the pile for long.
These are Baccus AMA07 Prodromoi Cavalry, light cavalry but armed with Lance so a bit unique on the table. You get 45 figures for £7.70 in the UK. Given that where they are on an army list I have only found one unit of them so I assume you would not expect to see more than one on the table so 45 figures is rather overkill for most folks armies.

I used just the nine figures for my unit spreading them out to highlight their more open order formation. You get a really nice mix of three poses and I really like the look of them.

I did them the traditional pink colour with the helmets a darker shade so the colour did not swamp the figures too much. Unfortunately the pack does not have any command but I could have switched some in from spares or the general pack I bought ages ago.

This left me with enough figures to paint up as standard Companion cavalry. Being 6mm you can get away with painting out some detail. In this case the leopard skin horse blankets become standard ones with the legs just painted horse colour.

I used the majority of the pikes forward in the front rank and the upright ones in the rear. The two different poses make the line a little broken up but I am OK with that. If I do more though I would probably paint them up in such a way that all of the front ranks have the same pose. Just a little swapping out of figures.

This now gives me a good number of cavalry units for the Alexandrian armies, I will still need to get the heavier options at some point so as to be more correct for facing Lee's Romans. However the next 6mm figures on the table will be Persian cavalry. Yet to be shown is a couple of Egyptian marines or hoplites.