Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Frozen German Soldier at Stalingrad

Frozen was released by Stormtrooper Miniatures some time ago and unfortunately is no longer available though they still have plenty to choose from. They seem to cater for other periods more than WWII though I really like the French Revolutionary 1/6th scale bust. However I will have to raise my game before trying him.

The base is from Model Display Products and is resin and I used my airbrush to spray Vallevo Model Colour Dark Seagreen which is the same base colour as the material wrapped around his head. The snow effect I have used before but on much smaller models is Deluxe Materials Scenic Snow and I found using normal PVA better than using the glue provided that I found tended to colour the snow. 

The MP40 was a challenge (and yes I need to trim the barrel as pointed out by a friend) the wire stock came in three pieces! The rest of the figure came in the same number! The only other use of the airbrush was undercoating. The rest is all Vallejo Model Colour but applied with normal brushes.

Overall very happy with the finish. Being less involved than Rollo he was a quicker paint and having no deadline helped with the stress levels. I am now moving to Napoleonic's with three battalions of Adler 6mm and a bust of a Polish Lancer at Waterloo.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Rollo The Viking

In my last post I touched on having recently finished a bust. This was for my Nephew for his Christmas present. I really enjoyed working on him. He is supplied by FeR Miniatures and a relatively recent release from what I can gather.

The quality of the casting and details is excellent, that face is the size of my thumb nail. Super proud of the eyes as I really thought I would make a mess of them. First time I have used a iris colour!

The figure comes in 4 parts plus either a helmet (three options between full and open faced) and helmetless but I did not like how the hair ran and besides the helmet is kickass. Tried a bit of free hand and know I need to raise that game but pleased overall with it.

Not over happy with the wolf but by this point I was rather up against time and let it ride. If I had time over again I would have tried harder. 

Yes I know the helmet was wonky, fortunately this was a test fitting the final fit was straight. Great detail on the helmet, hope you can see why I could not leave it off. The other options is nose bar and upper cheek and eye cover. Not quite full face but enough to obscure the eyes.

Again I kind of shortcut the shield going for a basic finish. Considering it's going to be facing away from you when displayed I don't feel bad about it. Still did a fair bit of picking out chips in the wood for that used in battle look.

Again the helmet was not yet positioned and I never got the chance to take a final pic as it was whisked away to be wrapped up.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Something For This Year

I painted up my first high detail bust towards the end of last year and have ordered another seven. Three are WWII ones I probably will look to sell on when painted but I have four Napoleonic ones that I plan to keep. This will be the first one I paint up and all I can say is that it looks gorgeous. Will really enjoy taking my time with it. Some one I know through work is making me a couple of painting sockets so will try and hold off until I get them. In the meantime I have a WWII German infantry man on the desk to keep me entertained.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Cath's Figure

I bought this figure at Triples and not even the last one, that's how long I have had it sitting unpainted! It's from Model Display Products and is called Rose, Female Sorceress and costs £16.50 and made of resin. The casting was fairly clean, not a great deal if clean up required. I have to admit that part of the reason for buying it was that the guy who runs the company is a very likeable fellow. It was also a kind of if I buy this and paint it maybe then I will buy more stuff later. Well I have bought a few plinths and paints but yet to buy any more miniatures but I will be doing so. I want to work up to doing one of his dragons.

Not the best picture but was not originally going to use it for the blog. The figure is a one piece casting and comes with the stone slab base and cat. I always saw her as an autumn witch so that's how she got painted. Plus the colour is similar to a t-shirt I bought Cath so many years ago so seemed right.

This figure marks the first use of my static grass applicator and also has some autumn leaf scatter that I bought for the 2019 Bounding Fire ASL Tournament which will follow in a future post.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

First Finish of 2020

And just like that I equalled the posts of 2019 LOL. These are three battalions of French SYW infantry for use with Blackpowder and belong to my son. I actually started these in last years painting challenge and their they sat. In the end three painting sessions saw them finished. Always a bit embarrassing when they finish so fast given the time lapse.

He has three more undercoated so I should get those done in the next month or so. A few things ahead of them in the queue. I know after that he still has some artillery and dragoons but not really sure if he has any infantry left.

The three regiments they depict from the left are Picardie (Regiment 1), Due Roi (Regiment 12) and Briqueville (Regiment 23). The figures are Lancashire Games from their 15mm range. I find size wise they fit well with Old Glory. I also have the Prussians and I find those castings better than the French in that the French have a little bit of misalignment on the standard infantry figure (turnback slightly worse than the full frock coat) which shows worst on the cartridge box at the rear of the figure. Still at the price they are tough to beat for value for money and are really quick to paint.

The flags are from Cadogan Hobbies and are the best priced flags I have ever got my hands on. The print quality is not at all bad and you get all the available flags. I had difficulty finding the Prussians originally and at this point no French are showing but if you contact them they will make them available. They also do the cavalry ensigns as well.

I am waiting for a bust and brass rods to arrive so will be playing around with my airbrush which will allow me to play catch up with the other finishes I managed last year.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

2019 A Load Of Balls

Not only does this sum up 2019 it's also my last purchase of 2019!! Having painted very little through the year some of my paints have started to come out a little thin so a ball bearing a bottle should help do the trick. 

I crashed out of last years painting challenge almost straight out of the blocks. The reason is the ongoing poor health of Cath. Early last year we were told her condition was very serious and late stage bowel cancer was the chief suspect. Fortunately this was not the case though through the next three months various other life threatening possibilities just kept replacing others that had been countered out. Currently waiting the latest batch of test results as they still can't say what it is. Life continues but much slower. Cath remains in a lot of pain, has replaced none of the weight she lost (over 20% of her weight) but in many other ways has improved. All this has really dented my creative interest but fortunately it has come back though I don't give it nearly as much time as I have prior. 

So a potted history of my 2019 hobby time.

I did get a couple of SYW 15mm French command stands finished for my son and another that still waits on being based. I also started three battalions of infantry. These I have picked back up recently and will be finished in January, 12 months after being started.

Nothing from then till contacted by a mate asking if I would do another diorama for his ASL tournament. I was happy to oblige and it actually got me back into doing some painting after more than eight months of nothing. So a big thanks to Martin for getting me started again. I will blog it sometime soon(ish) This had the added spark of making me want to try my hand at doing dioramas just for fun. I have yet to act on this but the cheques in the post.

The money I made from the dio I spent on a airbrush and compressor which I have only had a minor play with so far but that is one reason to clear the desk of my son's figures. Not sure where I will go with this but I really want to get into this.

Next up was a quick paint for Cath, a figure I bought years ago and was always going to get round to painting. In the end it was rather quick and done. Again try to post later.

The last item of 2019 was a bust for my nephews Christmas present. I never got great pics of this but again this will find it's way onto the blog.

Never quite got round to getting any games in this year, now been a couple of years and that will have had some effect but really have not had the energy to finalise the games that I was going to get in. 

So as you can see the year was mostly balls but were still here so lets see what happens now.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Commisioned Work

A fair few of you will be aware of my hobby crossover into Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) especially the sniper reminders that have popped up on occasion. However it came full circle when a friend asked me if I was prepared to paint up a trophy for a new ASL tournament he and another friend were organising. At first I was resistant having turned down the chance for doing the same for Heroes a few years ago.

However Martin's enthusiasm got me to waver and eventually I went from a bit negative to fully onboard. We actually got the idea from concept to basic positioning fairly quickly. From there it became a case of tinkering as we went.

The setting is somewhere in France 1940 as the Germans tear their way through the allied armies on the way to another blitzkrieg victory. Martin wanted African colonial troops to be depicted and even beat me to finding the Senegalese infantry that Warlord supply as a boxed set. I then added the tank and crew also from Warlord whilst Crusader provided the French ATG and Black Tree Design had the German casualties I wanted.

The rough idea actually changed little once I started to paint the bits up. Above was the photo I sent to Martin for his thoughts. To be fair he more or less left me to my own devices, never saying no but giving encouragement in line with his own preferences.

I had bought extra crew even though it comes with crew. However my plan was to have the tank knocked out so needed to make changes to the crew member bending the arm down and cutting some of the figures side and stomach off to allow him to be draped out of the turret. Not something that would have worked with the plastic figures that were too set in posture.

Crushing the gun was a bit of a challenge as the shield comes in two parts. In the end this was actually a bonus as it allowed me to bend one half out of true but still link the two parts to the barrel and trail.

I commissioned Warbases to supply me with two special sized MDF bases so I could play about and see which would work the best. Given the price I was charged it was a no brainer and even though they had a show literally days away I got the bases so quick I did not have to break stride. I wanted the MDF base so I could do all the basing and not have to worry about making a mess of the wooden plinth it would eventually be fixed to.

I also had to convert the standing and kneeling crew of the ATG which for the most part was a case of cutting bases off and filing one side of the figure down so it could be painted and then pressed down into the basing paint prior to sanding. I also made shells and empty shell cases out of cocktail sticks. I also made a ammo box with a couple of shells in it.

I added a little damage to the tank via a glancing strike on the turret (tap drill scored mark) and a pair of drilled penetrations. The killing shot though was registered to the side of the drivers viewing slit.

I also added some cast aside weapons from a German sprue again Warlord Games, also added other scatter such as a cast aside helmet and the guy who is seen with the LMG near him has a ammo belt around his neck and ammo box beside him. I added Games Workshop Stirland Mud into the areas I had scraped the basing paint marking the path of the tank as well as on the various parts of the tank you would expect mud. Finally adding some gloss varnish into the trail and parts of running gear etc.

The total cost of models etc but not paint came to £95 so added up quite a bit as I went on but overall I was really happy with the effect and would be happy to do more such bases in the future.