Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Analogue Painting Challenge Week Two and New Shiny Through the Post

More good progress on the figure painting front and I continue to paint above my target but how long that will continue I don't know. I have not painted at all in the last two days though but hope to fix that this afternoon. 

I managed to finish two entries this week, the Prussians in time for Tuesday and forty eight 15mm Romans that will be presented on Tuesday. I should also get my bonus round figures also finished by then and be well on my way with figures from a new project but these won't make the deadline.

I got the trees over a week ago, the light green ons may need a little toning down whilst the darker ones are the same as the originals. Really happy with the service and price, got to get the more round ones next.

I also got myself a few Baccus figures. The last three new French Napoleonic cavalry just one unit of each so I can paint them up so I have all the new French, see what I do for you guys?

I also got some Ancient command figures and peltasts that will allow me to work on a number of bases for the Hail Caesar side project that I hope to drag either Lee or Matt into. 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Progress With Saga

As often happens, you get a game in and suddenly your all fired up for more painting for a particular period. Well with my son working hard on his Anglo Danes post game it only seemed right that I would try and match his output.

First I needed to finish off the 12 figure levy unit so added these four slingers to go with my 8 bow troops. These are yet more Black Tree Miniatures and I really enjoyed working on them.

Plenty of detail to work with and poses that worked. I have managed to get a brighter finish to these than the bow troops but I have decided I am going to buy more paints in the near future after taking a close look at Kev's work. He uses a richer pallet than I do and whilst I know brighter paint wont bridge the skills gap it will give me some punch for a few planned models of 2015.

This gent is from the Gripping Beast Plastic Viking Hirdmen boxed set. Cleaned up quickly and went together well. I still have a load of figures from that boxed set and I guess more will be made from it in the future I doubt I will use them all. Maybe my son will get them done?

The shield transfer is from Little Big Man and made for the boxed set. This one tore a little but other than that went OK.

Still Gripping Beast but this time a metal warlord and came in three parts. The arm with the sword the spear and the rest allowing a few options on the exact pose. As he is my warlord he has been put on a large base. I also went bright as he is too stand out on the table well he will do that!

As he is the boss I spent extra time on shading rather than using ink and the quality sculpting certainly made it easy to get a result I was happy with.

I have about 24 more Vikings all prepped and ready for painting and these will find their way onto the table in the next couple of months, probably sooner than later. Also expect another game or two in the coming weeks, well I have to keep the boy happy don't I?  :-)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Building of the Week - Seeing Double

Just a quick post for this weeks building of the week, will have some new work to show you next week but this week is just to show I actually was crazy enough to do not one but two Hougoumont's. The second one is for Mike at Leven Miniatures for his show display and has had a couple of changes to the aesthetics such as the material for the inner courtyard and trimming back on the flower beds. Other than that they are very similar as I painted them at the same time.

rare winter sun has made them look a little on the bright side but in reality the roofs are somewhat darker. 

Mike's version sits in the middle of the board whilst mine had to sit flush with the left hand long edge so that the gardens and orchard can by placed next to them. Next up will be playtesting the rules for the battle for Hougoumont as we may need a few special rules to keep this part of the battle a challenge for the French. Indeed some of the terrain will help make it tough as many of the attack routes will cause disorder for the poor lads tasked with the capture. The intent is not to make it impossible to take but rather to tie up a lot of troops and even if it gets captured it should have caused the French a lot of trouble getting the location. Why bother attacking then? well certain conditions for a win need to be achieved and as such my hand will be forced on occasion just as Lee's will be.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Secret Santa Progress To Report

Hopefully by now most if not all of us should have sent and/or received our gifts. Can I ask all of you to email Cath (if you have not beat me to it) to let her know if you have sent out your gifts and also if you have received yours. Also let Cath know if it was sent out direct from the seller. Cath can then tie them all up.

last year we had one parcel go astray and needed to let the dealer know so they could send it out again. Tis all part of the service folks :-)

Oh and for those who do not read Anne's blog (shame on you) I would like to share a little Christmas Cheer. One of our Secret Santa crew contacted me a few months ago asking if I knew any one who had had a tough year as they wanted to send out an extra package to someone just to give them a bit of cheer. I thought about it and supplied a couple of names and he took it from there and sure enough Anne received her own Secret Santa package end of last week and sure enough it brought a big smile to Anne's face and gave her a boost.

It was a class act and both me and Cath was moved by their thoughtful gesture and made this years Secret Santa even more special. So a big thank you to you know who.

Monday, 15 December 2014

New Baccus French Old Guard

A couple of months back I bought the newly released Baccus Old Guard Infantry (NFR28 + NFR29) and both the French Guard Foot (NFR33T) and Horse (HFR34S) Artillery. Finally I got round to painting them as part of my first submission to the painting challenge.

I just painted up the one Battalion for now as I do not need to paint up the Guard for Project Waterloo as they were in Lee's part of the plan. They are painted and just waiting on being based. Typical of Baccus they needed virtually no cleaning and were quite sharp.

They were a reasonably fast paint and the other three Battalions in the pack will at some point find their way onto my desk. I actually think these are slightly better figures than the other French infantry that have been released by Baccus. Maybe it's because the bearskins but I just found them that bit more crisp and with the moustache clearly visible I just felt they gave that little bit more. Not that I can fault the other new releases you understand.

I also don't actually have a use for yet more French Guard Artillery but as I planned to paint up all the new French releases I just had to get a pack of both the Foot and the Horse Artillery. I did stop at buying the howitzer options though. Again nice figures that will now sit in a box awaiting the further painting of the rest of the Guard sometime in the future.

The only issue with these is one of the crew is massive in comparison to the rest this being the rammer though not really noticeable on the table. The foot are 12ld's as seen in the above two pictures whilst the horse is 6lb and is noticeable.

The crew of the Horse Artillery have the sabretache which sets them apart from the foot crews. The crews and guns of both sets look good and are a nice addition to the range.

Baccus have already released three more Guard Cavalry designs I hope to have by Christmas and have a few more codes to release before they will call time on the expansion and re-sculpting of the French range but this should all be done in 2015 a fitting tribute to the anniversary of Waterloo.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Week One of the Analogue Painting Challenge Is In The Books

So the first week has now passed in the challenge and 27 of the 71 participants have now had at least one set submitted and with the Bonus round deadline around the corner you can expect that number to leap up further. 
For myself I got in a bucket load of 6mm (no surprise) and a few bits for Saga. Last night saw me finish off twelve more 28's that are for the bonus round, though the final work of adding snow is about to happen. This is possibly the best start I have had in the four years I have been involved. Not only that but I am off work now till Wednesday so should get more done over this week.

The end of the first week see's me in 7th place with 120 points, that has me ahead of target especially if you add the 60 points I will get for the 12 figures just finished and my second aim is to finish in the top twenty if possible. Time spent on this? In an attempt to keep track in a wacky way I am keeping tabs by music. A total of 324 songs have played whilst I have painted or prepped (not blogged) since the challenge started!

Another part of the first entry was these Prussian guns, all 12 will be needed for the big game and are added to the ones already painted finishing off yet another required part of the troops required.

Four each are Adler and Baccus and like the Landwehr I have quite a few left over in my Prussian to paint box so will revisit them when I continue on the Prussian army at some point next year. 

So what's next for the challenge? I plan to finish off the Prussian's then if I have done that fast enough will move onto a few 15mm fr the first time in a year before hoping onto the second bonus round. I think this challenge will be more the year of the larger scales though I don't plan starting the 32mm till post challenge as I plan to spend a lot of time on each figure.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Building of the Week Mont St Jean

So keeping the Napoleonic theme going I give you Leven Miniatures NAP02 Mont St Jean which is cast to order and costs £19 and comprises of eight pieces most of which are fairly long as you can see from the measurements given on the site. I have not used the small barn porch included and listed.

I have yet to base mine and it's possible that will not happen until we have played Waterloo, need to check what Lee want's to do. It's the first time I have questioned Mike's sculpting as I felt that the wall detail was a little flat, far finer than some of his models but once I had got into painting it up my view changed totally. You see it's the walls detail showing through deeper in some areas and flatter in others that really make this model and proves Mike is not somehow just churning out the stuff but putting lots of thought into getting the look right. My hat is doffed.

The tiles on the buildings roofs were individually fitted to the original models and this took an absolute age but it really adds to the overall look of the building and was a big part of why I went with the more worn look that it has taken on.

So a great looking building in my mind that can also be changed around and made into a number of other possible buildings,, especially if you add a few wall sections and possibly other buildings from the Leven range.

So a great Napoleonic building that may not share the iconic state of La Haye Sainte or Hougoumont but it does have the Leven touch and as such can not be ignored.