Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Last Call For The Santa Clause

Chris over at Wargamer's Odds and Ends will be assigning targets very soon for The Santa Clause, this is the one where you supply about £5 worth of figure/s painted up by yourself that proved a lot of fun when Cath ran it for the first time on my blog last year. When Cath said she could not run both this and Secret Santa Chris was quick to offer to take over and has attracted quite a posse so it's looking to grow each year like Secret Santa.

So you have about 24 hours to sign up over at his blog, link above. Last year saw me painting up some si-fi robot's who knows what I will be doing this year. The great thing is that it can give you the opportunity to paint up something you would not get to do. I trolled my targets blog until I found something I thought he would like then matched up the painting style to his and off it went.

Idea wise? well £5 or equivalent helps cull the possibilities to manageable size so at 28 mm it could be a command stand, 15mm a few guns or a cavalry unit and 6mm a whole army LOL. OK a regiment or couple of buildings or..............

Actually you have a very wide range of items to choose and a quick look on your targets blog can help you fit that sweet spot that will have them thrilled. The best bit? someone's doing the same for you :-)

Friday, 12 September 2014

6mm Town Progress Report

Part two of Building of the Week is the progress of the ever growing town. The idea is that I can sub in or out buildings to suit time period and location through most of Europe and still have a functioning believable terrain piece. That can be a small town to a sprawling city of just about any shape I could need. As such this project will never truly be finished, music I am sure to Mike's ears.

I actually have a few more tiles that did not make the photo and even more buildings that have yet to be added to bases so without painting any more buildings I could extend the size by a reasonable amount. The above measures 300mm by 300mm with a bit missing on the top side but if I had all the finished models in place I could fill the gaps.

All but one of the buildings on display are Leven Miniatures with the one on the bottom right being Total Battle Miniatures. Unfortunately most TBM buildings do not sit well with the Leven as they are of the larger 6mm scaling but fortunately you can still put them on the same table as separate towns or villagers so it's not all bad news. I think this one though fits in reasonably well.

The industrial quarter looks to have the chance to grow given the fire in the centre of town, well you have to take advantage of life's little problems don't you.

I just know when we get playing with these we will be getting down at figure eye level to see what they see, lets face it we are big kids at heart.

It actually is smaller than I would have thought, soaking up a fair few buildings in the process but that's not really a problem as I see it as a long term project, more of a hobby in a hobby I guess. As things stand I do not see me taking it into the modern day as I have no wargaming plans for 6mm post Napoleonic.

Here we have a slightly changed around set up, the Chicken Coup'e roof is not quite flat making the tiles stand a bit proud. We will be adding these to the Waterloo boards but mostly as a ribbon development I think. Later when we do Ligny I am thinking they will be spread out as a number of towns but by then I will have even more buildings and I am sure a good number of battles fighting over these tiles.

So counting up, I have used 21 buildings on the pictures above and at under £3 per building on average have got all this for about £60 It's amazing how quickly it adds up but consider the cost of a few 15mm buildings and you can see what a bargain 6mm wargaming can be. TBM's excellent walled town is just £65 and remains on my to do list but it's so far in the distance at the moment. Actually at some point I may see if I can just buy the base and a few chosen buildings as I already have painted up most of the ones that come as the set.

I still have to paint up and model more realistic business tiles and I want to make myself a few walled and fenced tiles but first need to do some research in how to represent them for the time periods I want to cover.

The largest tile by far is the slums, this needs a few extra's to allow it to be different shapes so I will have to buy some more of the various buildings I like to use to get the effect I aim for. I will also do a few roads that are not as wide but wider than the alley ways.

Anyway that's stretched out the Building of the Week over a couple of posts. The next few posts will probably be work in progress shots if Mike allows me as I have a fairly drawn out project to do not once but twice! More on that hopefully next week.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Adler 5th & 6th Cuirassiers - The Last French Waterloo Cavalry

Lets pause and consider that after over two years I have now finished the last French Cavalry for our Waterloo project. (After a few seconds feet shuffling)..... and were back. Notice I did not say "Last French Cavalry..." yes friends more will be seen on this blog, just waiting for Peter at Baccus to release some more new figures and they will be on the bench.

But enough of that as it's Adler's turn at bat and I think I can see a century coming up. These are the 5th and 6th Cuirassiers which rounds off the cavalry as mentioned but what a way to finish eh? I still have a lot of infantry and a few guns on the table but that's OK

The 5th Cuirassiers were part of the Fourth Corps 14th Cavalry Division 1st Brigade. Colonel Gobert was mortally wounded at Waterloo, in a way rather fitting as they dashed themselves against the British Squares in ever more desperate attempts to break them.

I loaded the bases as these are the heavies so one more figure than the Lancers. I wanted them to have a look of mass which is hard on a 60x30 base.

Again these have the two different basic figures and added to this is the officer, trumpeter and ensign. That's five different figures over ten figures not a bad mix.

Again great looking command figure makes the whole a joy to paint and hopefully I have done enough justice to it. The quality of the sculpts is amazing, well worth the extra time that needs to be spent on them if you want the best out of them.

The 6th Regiment was part of the same Division but in the 2nd Brigade. Colonel Martin was a lot luckier than his counterpart in the 5th. Though I am sure his men were not so much.

I really like the Cuirassiers, the bold colours and the shear mean look they have. I know from experience that in our rules these guys can really make a mess of those they hit. Of course they have to keep it rolling to get where I will need them to be if I expect to win at Waterloo. Maybe I will have to work them differently in our game?

Getting these on the blog really does make me feel I am on the home run now. In some ways that's kind of sad, almost like a journeys end rather than the beginning of the next trip. I have good momentum going though as I got a good session in two nights ago. I do have a Waterloo related parcel coming my way in a few days time. It will keep by building of the week busy for a few weeks that is for sure.

So a final salute to all my French cavalry, their destiny is to be broken against those allied squares but do not cry as they will rise up out of the ashes, no doubt to freeze to death on their way back from Moscow, or maybe smashing the Austrian cavalry at any number of battles?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Building of the Week The Slums

This is part one of of Building of the Week as I will post the town as it stands but tonight you just get a large slum tile I have at least one more slum section to do yet, just need to order the buildings before they get their extension though!

The tile is made up of previously painted buildings shown on the blog but finally based up. All but one of these are the Leven Miniatures medieval buildings with the top right building being also Leven but from the Fachwerkhaus range, though it fits in well with the medieval ones which I am using as just older dwellings.

I wanted a congested feel to the tile with the houses right on top of each other in a very unhealthy way. This of course means a lot of models per inch of base but fortunately at Leven prices you can afford such luxury.

I also based up a few other buildings so the town is starting to take shape. I still want to add a fair few more tiles to the set not so much to use at the same time but to give lots of options.

On it's own it does not really tell the story well though I think if you wanted a single tile to represent a town or city this would work well. Later in the week you will see the majority of what is finished which I hope will show what you can do if you have enough buildings.

This month won't have a lot of finished painted figures as I am working on getting the last French done this month and they will finish all at the same time, so you may get a few more posts based on other subjects, you have been warned.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Santa Clause and Secret Santa Are GO

First up the hot news is that Santa Clause is Go as in gone elsewhere. Chris over at Wargamer's Odd's and Ends has kindly offered to host Santa Clause after Cath said it was to confusing to run both from the one blog. Top man and we already have a few of us signed up. Some of the originals and nice to see some new faces as well. So if you want to join in the more the merrier, it would be great if we can double last years entrants. Everyone enjoyed it last year and the opportunity to get two wargame related presents under the tree was just too good to pass over for me.

Secret Santa is already buzzing with interest and looks to break last years record. This will be three years running at a participant increase. Again it's great to see old faces, most back for the third year and just as good to see so many first timers getting into the fun. I was really spoilt last year and still am taking pleasure from looking at my gifts (I will be watching both films again over the winter). 

I actually enjoy the giving the best. The item I picked for my target went down well and I had spent a fair bit of time going through first his blog then the suppliers website until I found the perfect present. The supplier went the extra mile as it needed sending abroad and it arrived in time. The item was ordered in time but I missed that the supplier was on holiday and had a backlog when he got back off holiday but on finding out it was a Christmas Bloggers gift cast the item after hours so as not to hold back other peoples items and that's what I call service!!

So if your interested in giving and receiving a gift of around £15 value (anywhere in the world) then comment below stating your interest and send an email via the Email Me bit on the top right hand of the blog. I will pass your details to Chief Fairy and your in baby.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Adler French Lancers 4th and 6th Regiments

So many posts so little painting shown. OK lets correct that a little with these great Adler Sculps. I had already painted one regiment of Adler Lancers so I knew they could paint up real nice. As such I thought I would add a little more effort to the faces.

Here we have the 4th Lancers, at Waterloo they were part of the 1st Corp, 1st Cavalry Division and 2nd Brigade. Their commander was Col (Baron) Deaf, of the laughs we could get out of that one. Battle honours cover a wide period, Ulm, Austerlitz, Jena, Eylau, Friedland, Borodino and Montmirail. I really like Lancers and whilst they loose some of their punch after the first charge they should not be ignored later in the battle.

I added cavalry officers to my last order and this is one of the two Lancer officers you get for 29p, the quality of the figure stands out and I am very happy to have added them to the order. I have banged on enough about the pro's and cons of both Adler and Baccus so will pass over that topic and just enjoy the pleasure that comes from painting up these two regiments.

I have yet to add the flags will do this when I do the two other cavalry regiments I have painted and then put them all away. Just love the way the pennants flutter on the lance tips. Also the two different posed lancer figures really add to the fluid feel of these guys.

The colour you get from a full green uniformed rider the red and white pennants really make these stand out a great deal, I am expecting good things from my Lancer regiments and will use them to stop any Allied cavalry counter attacks and if I get the chance I will smash a few battalions as well.

With the blankets and the rolls all being the same colour green you don't get any contrast but that just adds to the mass effect. I painted up nine figures for the regiment whilst I used ten for the heavier cavalry from the next relevant post.

The 6th Regiment had a troop of elite so I painted up a couple with red plumes, total show offs. These form part of II Corps, 2nd Cavalry Division 2nd Brigade with their commander Col Baron Nicolas Galbois being wounded at Quatre Bras.  Battle honours for Borodino and Montmirail.

Painting of these was a little slow as I had too much on the paint table and seemed to be going between one project and the next. Now they are finished though I can feel I am on the homeward stretch for the for the French. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Santa Clause A Plea for Help

I mentioned after last years festive fun and again before launching The Secret Santa that Cath would not be willing to run both Secret Santa and Santa Clause as it caused too much confusion last year and as such I would be looking for another blogger to take over the idea. I really don't want it to die out as I had loads of fun painting up the Si-Fi stuff for Ray and of course receiving my gift as well.

So is anyone willing to either take on the role of running the Santa Clause painted gift or getting their better half to do so, so they can join in like I did last year?

Obviously new house would mean new rules if wished. If no one want's to take it on I have a solution as I have a second blog and could run it on this but it would be a little less smooth than on a known blog.