Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Command & Colors: Prussians

Keeping with the Prussian Napoleonic theme, I thought I should update our progress with Command & Colors. We have dabbled with the new Prussian module as well as continuing through the original set. The Prussians certainly have their own feel to play with. Above is the Jena morning scenario after the first couple of moves. I as the Prussians need to hold the town in the centre if possible and the victory banners required is eight (nine for me to give my son a better chance). 

I can see why the suitable age has risen from 12 to 14 as the scenarios are that bit more complex and a straight forward attack is often not going to get you the win. Far more use of temporary victory banners are in play. In this scenario the player with absolute majority of town hexes gets a victory banner. This was our second playing of the scenario and as you can expect the centre two hex town saw heavy fighting in both games though in the first game my exploiting my success with my cavalry on my left flank and attack past the town saw me get the win. The second game my son was somewhat more cagey with his own cavalry keeping it in reserve and darting out for attacks on weakened units and then taking them back into reserve made the game a lot closer. He finally got the win with an overwhelming attack on the two hex town though it did bring him close to loss as most of the units attacking took a beating. Combined arms was the tipping point in the attack.

The mechanics continue to impress and I am keen to try the combat mechanics with our 6mm figures and rule set to see how that would play out.

How good is it? well once work is sorted out I will be picking up the other sets as the game has become a staple of  our regular play and I think it will get use with other friends as well.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Adler Prussian Cuirassiers

I really move away from Project Waterloo with today's post, Prussian Cuirassiers. Whilst Prussia still had a number of Cuirassier regiments none were with the army that fought between 16th and 18th June. These are a nod towards using my Prussians for other battles and time scale. Ultimately I want to paint up the full thirteen regiments though I only have enough for five regiments at the moment.

This is the 1st Regiment, they should have poppy red facings, so I used the brightest red I have (Vallejo Game Colour Blood Red). I have painted both regiments in their campaign uniforms rather than the white of the dress uniform. I really don't see the point of painting up figures for battle in dress uniform though I probably mix the two types through my collection.

2nd Regiment looks very similar to the 1st, it's typical of the Prussians that their Cuirassiers are the most drab of all the nations that have them in their army. The lack of a shiny back and breast and even the helmets are black. All that said they have a certain charm in their frugal way.

The facings and blankets are darker than the 1st Regiment and I went with the old trusty Vallejo Flat Red. I have used ten figures on each base to try and make the mass effect and put them boot to boot on the base. My normal number is nine figures and it's surprising the difference one figure makes.

You can just about make out the colour difference in the two facing colours. As the figures are wearing gauntlets the cuffs are covered so you only get the red on the blanket, saddle cloth, pistols and collar. Still it lifts them up enough to stop them sinking into the background.

I won't be painting up the other three I have in hand for a bit as I have other figures to get painted, but if I find I need a few more for a game then I can dash them off quick enough.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Building of the Week - Something Old & Something New

Leven Miniatures will be releasing a range of trees around June/July and I have spruced up a few bases to show them off. The image above is of a new unit just painted as I wanted at least one unit to ytry them for size.

Part of my small town and one of the tallest buildings I own from Leven is the Fachwerkhaus coming in at 55mm in height. The tree trunk is made of fire painted brown and this is also the limbs of the trees. The foliage clumps have been glued to these limbs to good effect and seem to be very well attached.

The trees certainly have a tree like appearance and as far as I know all the pieces available are of this shape and none of the ball and Christmas tree shapes of old.

Four sizes are going to be available 30, 40, 45 and 50mm. The 30mm look great for orchards and we will be adding a fair few to our Waterloo board around Hougoumont, these are the last images shown of the post.

Here you can see the limbs a bit better. Far more realistic than the ones I have of old. Whilst I am not at liberty to reveal the prices they are typically Leven attractive and I expect Leven will be getting a few side orders of tree with building orders.

Anyone remember the farm painting tutorial? Well this tile is now known as Orchard Farm. I had planned to put six trees on the base but could not squeeze the extra two on without getting too close to the house.

Still I think they give the right impression. I am not sure how many we will need but have ordered forty of that one alone so we are sure to have enough and I have plenty of farms that need produce.

We will use the trees as a general mix making use of all sizes with the smallest also being used at the edges of the woods to represent younger trees. Given the pricing you can afford to be generous with your battlefield.

The trees do not come with bases but they are easy enough to knock out. In this case it suits to drill holes into the tile and glue them in place. Other ones will be either glued to pennies or some form of irregular base to hold a few trees. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Adler Prussian Landwehr

These Adler Landwehr seemed to take forever to finish but here they are at last. The 2nd Landwehr Infantry Regiment of Pomerania was part of the IV Corps 14th Infantry Brigade. I don't know how involved it was in the 100 days campaigns though it looks to not have had anything notable happen to it.

1st Battalion, the flags are all just generic Landwehr flags as typically little is known of them if they indeed carried any at all.

I have used line skirmishers as Adler do not supply Landwehr skirmishers, hopefully this will change for when the range is re-sculptured in the future. The Landwehr themselves need this as a number of the strips were quite heavy with flash. Not a deal breaker but when you are cleaning up six battalions worth in one go it can be tiresome.

Once cleaned up of course you have some lovely looking figures. The second battalion I reversed the flag which was quite common.

These have no role to play in our Waterloo game but do come close to rounding off the IV Corp which had the most troops committed to the Waterloo battle. I will be filling out all four Corps as time rolls on by though if we decide to do some of the Prussian battles from the campaign this will be accelerated somewhat.

I spoilt the 3rd Battalion giving them two mounted officers. Either that or they are getting a rollicking from higher up, seems the guy in blue is pointing with attitude.

I still have enough figures for another twenty one battalions of Landwehr so  I can work on these guys without worrying about running out of figures. 

I have another Regiment to blog about and two cavalry regiments. After that I will for the time being be concentrating on my Ancients for my own collection (in three scales) though I have more Napoleonic's for Steve and Sunbeam on the desk at the moment.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Perfect Six Perfect Scenic's and Other Buys

20 and 30mm Barricade sets.
I ordered a few bits from a new player in 6mm, not figures or buildings but barrels and barricades. Some of you will already be familiar with the 6mm Napoleonic's Forum which is now around a year old and a great place to visit if your interested in Napoleonic's and more so if your taste is for the small chaps like I am.

Barricades with Adler figures for scale, note figures are on 2mm base.
Well Richard who has set up the forum has been trying his hand at sculpting, first with a few figures but he has answered the call for some scenic items such as the Barricades above. These are well detailed as you will see when I get a few painted up. The prices are listed below and more details can be found here.

16 Barrel Set.
Pack of 16 Barrels £2.50

Pack of 4 20mm Barricades £2.50

Pack of 4 30mm Barricades £3.50

4 Different sized barrels.
As you can see the barrels are well detailed and will be a great fit for battlefield clutter, adding to camps and building bases.

This is a new venture, Richard already runs an excellent 6mm painting service that provides incredibly detailed work for those who want the best. More items are to be released in about four or so weeks time, so well worth keeping an eye on them.

Rosemary & Co Brushes.
After the Painting Challenge I am sure I am not the only one buying new brushes. Typically these are my most trusted supplier Rosemary & Co. It's testament to their quality and long life that I was just ordering three series 33 brushes and a dry brush (Ebony Short Flat) after three months of hard work and more abuse than they deserve. Not that all these are going into service together as two will be backups as one of the brushes is not yet spent. Indeed all brushes will be treated to a brush soap bath to see how well they come back to life.

Having bought three boxes of HaT Gaul's I would them to be rubbery so sought advice and was told this primer would be perfect. I have always been resistant to paint on primer in the past, seems a waste of time when spraying is faster but having used this on the plastics, a few buildings and the missed areas when spraying (typically horses). It's a great primer and I am very pleased to have listened. 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Brought to Account

It's been some time now since I blogged the total for my 6mm unpainted collection. Even though I have had the results ready I have hesitated to give thought to the warnings, well wises and various death threats if I was to continue with this folly. But I could not be swayed, indeed I challenge you the reader to do so too! Only kidding, it's to likely to cause the odd heart attack.

It's fitting that I start with my Ancients collection of bare metal, not only has it had the most time spent on it of late but it's the period that's had the most play of late.

Macedonian Command: nine figures, these need more Lance armed cavalry figures adding to them as Hail Caesar allows for a lot more units and I am short of cavalry  in this option.

Pike: eighty nine figures, I also have 23 figures painted and unbased so enough for another three and a half blocks so eight blocks worth which will keep me going.

Hoplites: Twenty Four figures  so one and a half blocks, I am using my Egyptian Hoplites from way back (sixth edition WRG) to bolster my Greek Hoplites so these will make a nice addition to the Greeks. I can see a fair few more Greeks adding to the collection.

Peltasts: eight figures, just enough for one more unit. I do have quite a few peltast units painted up so not sure I really have to worry about painting these.

Greek Medium Cavalry with shield and spear: twelve figures for a full unit. Will get these painted up but are not high on the list as most of the other cavalry would get more use whilst these are just option troops.

Gallic Cavalry: twelve figures, again a whole unit and these do need to be got done soon for one of my Alexandrian options.

Cataphracts: Twenty, these were part of the Seleucid army Martin gave me four years ago but they are not great figures. I don't know who made them but the horses are VERY thin. A quick paint job and E-Bay me thinks.

Persian Bow: eight figures, these are excess to my normal light infantry options but could be added to the Levy infantry I need to rebase so will get painted up at some point.

Genetic Bow: 49 figures, these will make great Levy archer units so may move up the queue some. I would get another four units so not a bad possibility for my Persians.

ECW in 15mm was the first army I started with and I only have the figures to paint up one regiment of foot a couple of mounted officers and three limbers. Not very high on my to do list.

An army I was given again by Martin and forgotten about until looking for all the figures that are unpainted.
Goblins: Thirty Eight.
Goblin Bolt Shooter: One.
Orcs: One Hundred.
Warg Riders: Five.
Warg Chariot: One.
Dragon and Rider: One.
Dinosaur or giant lizard?: One.

Will be looking to off load this lot in a trade, so open to offers. The Goblins are nice looking figures whilst the Orcs are a little rough though serviceable.

For Hail Caesar over at Kev's I have bought three boxes of Gaul's and have started some test figures.

Gallic War Bands: One Hundred and Eight figures. I hope to get a few units of these across the table over the coming weeks or so.
Gallic Cavalry: Six figures, or enough for one unit and a command stand, again these will need to be started soon.

I started back on this journey again for use at Kev's but these look to be used against Lee as well as he is building a German force.

Russians: Forty Eight infantry, I don't really need the majority of these figures as I have plenty of rifle and SMG figures but could do with more support such as medium and heavy MG's and Mortars. This means these may not get painted and I buy the extra support.

American Paratroops: Seventy Five SHQ figures with a few mortars and MG's. These I bought years ago and I have no plan to paint so these need adding to my trade list so again offers if your interested.

Trolorc's or Beastmen: Ten more figures to paint, that will really challenge the players. They are all prepped just need to get onto the table.

Old School Orcs and Goblins: Ten, including just one Goblin. I don't see these getting painted either, much prefer the new style to the old.

Dwarf: Three of the bleeders, at least one will get painted up.

Humans: Thirteen blokes and one women, these will find their way through the pile when I need them but no rush at present.

Elves: Six of these and again they will find their way into the queue when I need them.

Russian: Twelve figures I really need to get painted up and paired up with the winter Germans I have painted as Sniper Reminders.

Polish/French/Italian: Six of each all waiting for doping for Sniper Reminders.

Partizan's Eleven as the other WWII

Viking: One Hundred and Fifteen infantry. These will be used by me and my son for our SAGA armies and other rule sets though some of the ones I got in trade for painting will be painted and sold on.

Cowboys: I have eight each of mounted and dismounted cowboys, these are Foundry and I have to get round to painting them soon, will add a lot of interest to the games, but then again I need to paint up the buildings as well.

Gladiators: Eleven Figures. Why the dice image? It's the only part of the whole Kickstarter I have actually used so far! The figures though will be started soon, it's a project of pleasure as I will be trying to stretch my skills with these, playing is at the moment secondary though I hope it will prove to be a good buy rather than good bye.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Building of the Week - Papelotte Farm by Leven Miniatures

For a change I am showing a building that is available, well set of buildings. Another of the Leven Miniatures Napoleonic range. NAP03 Papelotte Farm priced at £20 is a set of buildings forming a hollow square and comes with the period peaked roof and the more modern tower structure allowing you the choice or even leave loose and can use both.

In an attempt not to get shouted at by Lee I have not painted in any roads ;-) I also went with the lime washed wall finish that I have seen in a few images as this may be more historical than the red brick finish though I did rather like the red finish as per Leven's website (link above).

Again you get a lot for your money, these are quite large buildings and I have used a 120x120 and 60x120mm tile to base the buildings on. The barn furthest away is on the smaller tile. The tiles are individually placed on these buildings and it really adds to the finish. Odd tiles not 100% lined up and some area's ever so slightly raised or dipped make the roofs a joy to work on.

I spoilt myself and used three different colours of tufts on this model, this was to break up the grassed section a little. I have to admit I really like the look of Belgian buildings, especially those with the small windows high on the walls and the long building to the front of the photo above ticks a lot of my boxes.

Lots of detail as you would expect from Leven, it went together rather well and painted up like a dream. I always paint the whole building ignoring the fact I will be basing them and some sections wont be seen but that's one of my things.

I found a few nice cobblestone and other paving images on line and have used one here to make a change from the usual interiors I tend to do. Just a few more buildings to paint up and then I will be ready for the Waterloo game. Not sure which I will do next but I do have some test painting to do for Mike so maybe a single one to keep me out of trouble.