Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Adler French ADC's

I actually finished these with the Prussians but I had started them about 3-4 years ago so way too long in the finishing.

The main reason for the slow pace has been the lack of real need for these guys. I simply have so many I have as many as I would require in any game we have played so far but if we ever get round to playing a really big battle I may still need more so I may need them one day.

All told this gives me another four command bases for Division or lower commands using our rules. Of course if I use another rule set I may need even more command bases or need messenger stands. 

As you would expect from Adler these have so much detail that you feel you need to keep going. Better detail than some 10mm castings. It really has taken too long to finish these and the fact I still have so many more unpainted makes me smile. Many of my extra command will find their way onto infantry bases whilst I will continue to add to me command bases as well.

I actually have a sizeable amount of Adler French castings I bought via Dave D at the first Blog Con and far more Baccus that still need to be painted. My plan is to paint up some of the French Baccus infantry and get them sold on as I can't see me needing THAT much more French infantry given the quantity Lee also owns not that it will stop me painting up some for myself at the same time.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Command and Colors Napoleonic Lockdown

So working for one of the unnecessary retailers I have been sent home to cool my jets for the next few months. Yes you read that right, this is not going to be a three weeks and back kind of things. I am confident that it will be at least two to three months before we can expect to be making our way back to work. This of course will allow for some things to be better. Today was the first day that I was free from going to work (close down stuff) so it has been marked by the first of what I hope will be many games with Joseph of Command & Colors Napoleonic. We also have ASL to play as he has played a couple of scenarios and last but not least I will be running a roleplaying campaign for the rest of the family as well as playing our huge collection of board games. So much welcome family time between the kids homework and my hobby and house duties.

So todays scenario was from the original release Salamanca (British attack on French Right) 22nd July 1812. The situation in the photo was taken about half way through the scenario with my only cavalry unit long since lost whilst Joseph's British cavalry has forced one regiment into square but he failed to cause casualties and my fire had reduced his two regiments of cavalry to the point of not being too much of a threat. 

In the end I was able to destroy both regiments of his cavalry when he ran out of cards and then we fought over the building hex near the rived Pela-Garcia with me finally getting it back for good as the British losses brought him close to defeat. We always play that I need an extra banner to required. 

In the end he just did not have the cards to co-ordinate his attack and I was able to pick off his regiments when he could not withdraw them behind his lines and took my 7th banner (he lost a leader when a unit was removed).

Given I have the first four expansions we are in place to play through quite a lot of scenarios, so we will play out the last two scenarios from the base set then back to the expansions that have for the most part had just a few games played from.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Next Up

The next bust I plan to paint is British Commando WWII by Young Miniatures based in Korea. This is a far less complex figure than the Polish Lancer or even the German soldier I finished recently. I am trying a few different things, first I have high and low lighted the bust by spraying a light primer from above and darker primer from below though I think I really need to use stronger contrasting shades.

The other change is quite major, I will base cote it watered down acrylic and then over paint in oils attempting to a more subtle shading through blending. Being new to oils this is going to be interesting. I have already started work on a spare face and been reasonably happy with the result. This will be far more time consuming but I hope for far better results. 

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Prussian Reserve Regiment 22 Adler Miniatures

Anyone who has followed this blog over the years will have seen a few Prussian Battalions shown here. I am still working through all the regiments that did not fight at Waterloo but were involved in the 100 days campaign. 

The 22nd Regiment was part of Pirch's 2nd Corps and whilst the rest of the 7th Brigade fought at Waterloo under the command of Brause the 22nd missed the action.

I continue to add flags to battalions that all most certainly did not have them but given I was well into the originals before I realised that why not continue. I still left the third battalion without even though it's not a fusilier battalion but that's me.

The standard depiction of our units of 4 skirmishers out front with 24 figures in the main body. These being Adler you get a little more Varity in poses. The skirmishes have three poses and the main body two or more versions to buy from.

One battalion I adopted a three deep line and two battalions have a mounted officer to add to the Varity. Basing is my normal outdoor paint (bitter chocolate tester from Homebase) with sand dribbled over, left to dry and surplus brushed off. I then drybrush a couple of lighter colours then add static grass and tufts.

I still have 44 more battalions to do so no where near finished, plus more artillery and cavalry but in far fewer quantity. Not that I own all the battalions required so I will paint up what I have before getting any more. This certainly moved onto a vanity project as I really do not need to paint up the rest and will never get them all on the table at the same time. I still also have plenty of French I really don't need as well as plenty of British to paint for my son.

The next up on the table will be two units of Companion cavalry I also don't really need :-)

Saturday, 22 February 2020

CGS Miniatures Polish Lancer WIP

I started this bust about two weeks ago, still got a fair bit left to do but happy with the progress so far. The bust is by CGS Military Figures and depicts a Polish Lancer at Waterloo. The detail is very crisp, casting very good and dimension's feel right. This is one of many Napoleonic busts they do and you will be seeing more of them as time goes on as I plan to do quite a few. Cost wise it's actually very cheap in comparison with many out there not that I am in any way qualified to judge one from another having painted just a couple of busts so far.

I still have the actual lance to build and paint as well as attach the right arm. Also plenty of touching up to get it looking right. It's possibly a bit light blue but it will contrast well with the cuirassier I plan to do at some point this year.

Just for fun, I have added a 6mm Prussian command base for scale. This and others will probably be my next post as I have finished these just before starting the bust. Once this bust is finished it's on with a couple of Macedonian Companion units from Magister Militum that I believe I bought either at the last trip to York or old Worlds Championships I attended. Not made a show in a few years now.

Friday, 31 January 2020

First Game in About Two Years

FINALLY I got to play again :-) So Wednesday night I went over to Matts and we played a SYW Blackpoweder game of 777 points.

I was the Prussians (on the left) and Matt had the Austrian's. Lee and myself had based our units to our own base size and unit size so Mat and my bases did not all marry up and Matt fielded two battalions together to look a bit more like mine.

Matt had loaded one flank with cavalry whilst I was mostly even. This meant I had to turn round one flanks worth and fly across the rear of my infantry to give them a hand. Meanwhile I was trying to fend off Matts dragoons with a dragoon and a hussar unit.

My Hussars lost the first round and Matt did a sweeping advance and against the odds then lost the melee becoming shaken. I lost the dragoon v dragoon one but not the unit.

This however allowed me to charge both his dragoon regiments sending them from the field but I did take casualties making myself vulnerable to his cuirassiers.

I should have been in a great position with three fresh regiments turning up but on charging his hussars I did really poorly and this left the whole of my cavalry with fairly high casualties. This was made worse when my C-in-C blundered.

One battalion of infantry had been disordered and I failed to get two moves so unable to pass through the forward unit and things would start to go bad for them from this point on.

Matt got two units of light infantry round my flank, of course I got disordered and suddenly nothing on that flank could move. Time for another blunder methinks.
Just before Matts cuirassiers carve me up my cuirassiers are shaken by Matts very expensive hussars. He was a very happy chap they had done so well. Lots of laughing in our game but at this point mostly Matts lol.

One of my battalions blundered (I referred to it above) and he moved right into close range for Matts artillery and a battalion of infantry and that is all she wrote for those guys.

We made a few mistakes and had heads in the rules as neither of us had done enough pre-game reading and remembered things a bit less than we thought but we still had a heap of fun. Next time I think we will have a better idea and should get a better balanced game.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Bounding Fire Trothy Build

Some of you will remember that I did a diorama for a new ASL tournament in 2018. Well I was asked to do the 2019 one as well. However this time I wanted to make a larger impact and well you could say it got out of hand as I ended up having to learn a number of new skills, I mean no real pressure.

The original idea was sketched out and Martin one of the two organisers was happy to go with it. In fact Martin never really tried to control me just accepting the changes and additions as it sailed further out in to the either.

The first big step was actually deciding the height of the main area, the situation was based on possible action from the final scenario and it called for a deep river so I wanted to give it height. I knew I could not go deep as such but extra height would work with the scenario.

I added cork bark that I had bought from a pet shop whilst on holiday. The river bed I wanted to give the appearance of depth so carved the poly to give different heights. This would be painted dark through light to make bits look like varying depths.

I sprayed the whole thing black and added my usual basing system learnt from Lee to both the upper level and the riverbed. Note the holes in the bridge for where the figures would be pinned.

The cork was cut back to allow the ply frame and then dry brushed 50 shades of grey  ;-) this was to change to stone though I was tempted to leave as was as I really liked the real look. I then added brown ink wash in parts and mud effect to boost the natural feel.

The water was the biggest leap for me, going from never used to a large amount was a big ask. I tried a few tests which went well but when it came to the real thing I was very nervous. Worse still was this was not deep pour as I wanted to be able to add things as I went so it is applied in 3-5mm depths that shrink back to about 2-3mm meaning it took about ten applications and did cloud towards the end. This layer has a bucket made from a pen clicker and small fish. These fish were my wifes idea, grass seeds that I painted silver or gun metal, some even curled making them more realistic. Believe me after a few layers of resin they looked really good.

Whilst I was building up the layers I created the falling soldier part. This is a different water effect that stays as you work it so I was able to make the splash and have nice pointed peaks. It took days to go clear and I did think it had gone wrong as it stated would be clear in 24-36 hours. 

Alarmingly when added to the base with more water effect acting as glue it went white again!! This is a few days into it clearing but not quite done yet.

Once I was happy I then had to remove the wooden sides. I had prepared cuts in the wood and Sellotaped the wood hoping the resin would then break free and not be damaged. It was a difficult to separate but finally it came away and overall I was very happy. The edges would need painting to rid me of the filler but I was OK with that.

I also added the rifle and started building up the jungle. I was originally using railway paper flowers but the cost was terrific. I then read about a product called Neutral Protection. You basically get real plants and soak them in this resin over 24 hours and then they will keep the colour they have at that point. So me and Cath searched out loads of plants that would look like jungle in 28mm. Here you can also see the rope that holds the bucket to the bridge, it was held in previous pictures at the right angle with bluetac.

I crafted the sandbags (a bit clumsy) adding jute like texture using xstich fabric pressed to the shaped clay. The jug near the bottom of the photo has more water effect pouring out of it and puddling in the foxhole. Also the plates of curry are greenstuff plates with mud effect and snow effect for the rice. I wanted it to look like the attack was a surprise.

The Japanese are all Warlord, the ones with leaves are the elite squad the casualties including the one in the water are plastic sprue ones.

The Dutch marines are made by May '40 Miniatures and had just been released at the time. Since then they have had a Kickstarter so a lot more figures are now available. I even found images of a Dutch paper so one of course is on the dio.

Little bits that are hard to see are bits of piano wire cut into shell casings, a fair bit of leaf scatter and some paper leaves for dead vegetation. I have to say I was very pleased with how it came out though it took well over 100 hours and cost more than I charged for it. However it was a great experience and something I will happily continue to do as a sub hobby though next years trophy will be a simpler build.