Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 30 March 2015

Another Present :-) 6mm Star Fort

Matt was throwing this out and asked me if I was interested in it? I was really surprised Matt was getting rid of this as I really like it. I don't know the make but it's a 6mm Star Fort that is anything but small.

Matt's issue with the fort is all to do with the size of the walls that run round the upper structure. Even figures without bases would be visible from the waste up. The bases turn that into ankles up, which spoils the look for Matt to such a point he will not use them.

The artillery bases are each 30x30mm to give an idea of scale of the fort. I think it will really work well with the Leven buildings I have been making my town out of. Some of the walls have broken away but overall it's in good condition and just needs washing and cleaning up ready for painting.

Two wall sections have gateways, unfortunately the worst damage of all the pieces is to one of the gates but can easily be made into battle damage. 

The photo is not as good as I thought but shows the detail of the interior gate. I see Matt's point about the parapet's height but I can live with it and once I have all the Waterloo buildings finished this will be on the table and built.

The set also comes with a damaged redoubt and wall section. I will be keeping the whole set as modular for games where the full set is not required or where longer wall sections are needed etc.

The wall section shows a breach and I can imagine it being stormed and the amount of units thrown at it before managing to force the defence. 

A close up of the fort, again I can almost see Sharpe scrabbling over the huge stone bricks. Leven has already done some work on a earlier periods fortifications and I look forward to getting my hands on some of those as well in the future.

So when Lee and I finally get round to using the full wealth of Napoleonic Nations I am sure we will be getting some use out of these. So a big thank you to Matt and I hope I do these justice.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Empress Dragoons Adler 6mm Thanks Lee

I was over at Lee's a couple of weeks ago discussing the terrain boards and before leaving he gave me this rather splendid present.

Turns out that Lee had fumbled his check units owned  roll and ended up with two units of Empress Dragoons for his Guard. Would I want them? Well of course it would be rude to say no so I brought them home and finished off the basing (base sanded just needed the sand painting and then flocking).

So another unit for my fledgling Guard that I plan to add to later this year and possibly be one of the big projects for next year. The figures are typically very nice as you expect from Adler and have been painted to a high standard indeed.

A nice mix of horse flesh as well, so a big thank you to Lee and I hope they prove decisive in a future game, in my favour of course ;-)

Thursday, 26 March 2015

La Belle Alliance For Sale

As I am going with the Leven model for Project Waterloo I am looking to sell my Timecast model. This will be a first come basis if someone want's it via the blog. Simply message me via the Email me tag on the right, leave a message here or on Facebook if your reading this there.

I am looking for £10 plus cost of posting for this and can except PayPal or other methods such as Cheque etc. I only charge the actual postage charge as I have plenty of packaging hanging around.

If it is still available on Saturday I will be putting it on E-bay but I wanted you guys first dibs at it. I will also be putting some figures up for sale on e-bay that are left overs from my Persian Army that under FoG are excess, just need to neaten them up and rebase.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Replacement Killers Gripping Beast Style

Whilst I am a fan of the vast majority of my Black Tree Design Vikings I had two models that I was less fond of and as such choose to replace them and give the two unwanted lads to my son as he is now starting work on his second Saga Army.

I actually plan to have another go at adding a banner to the spear as I have one banner with my Little Big Man Shield decals I bought with the plastic Vikings so you may see the guy on the right again if that works out.

I realise the guy on the left would be a commander and not strictly Viking but he is a mean looking bugger so will get used for sure.

I really like the animation of the spearman and I am pleased to report that the Black Tree Miniatures and Gripping Beast fit together very well allowing you to have a great mix in your units without it being obvious they are different suppliers.

The figures got block painting, ink wash added by brush and then highlight picked out in the original colour. I now have a reasonable sized warband but have loads of figures that I plan to paint up to allow us to try a few larger none Saga games. In the meantime we just need to find time to play Saga again!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

La Belle Alliance Face Off

OK this is actually light hearted so please don't take a fence (or hedge) on the following....

I decided some time ago that the only reviews worth a jot are those that you actually paint up the figures, buildings etc. Too often something is rather dull looking but paints up lovely or you find on painting that a strap somehow goes missing on one side of the mini whilst it's bold as brass on the other side. So after painting these fine models what's my thoughts?

Well as I expected both painted up well with plenty of detail and the sculpting made the job easy for both. Small details are different on the models such as the shutters and some of the windows as you can see from the picture above. I chose not to paint the black lower brick section on the Leven models as that looks to be a modern change same as the grey roof tiles that I missed off entirely. However the black trim is almost a must on the Timecast version as mentioned in the earlier post.

There is a slight difference to the small chimney stack as well, I like the way the Leven one pokes over the edge of the roof but that's just a personal taste rather than one is more accurate that the other. One point of correction to my previous post (and reason painting is important) the Leven building does have a slight plinth type edge to it but fortunately can be painted over. I would advise to remove it if possible from production as I know the other Leven buildings don't have it and may be a nod at the black lower wall of the modern building. In all it's a small quibble.

It's round the back that Timecast has an advantage over the Leven building, whilst I doubt the items stacked out back would have long disappeared by the time the battle was fought they really do add to the model and with a bit of effort painting the crates up in different colours you can have a nice distraction. Again slight differences such as the windows set them apart a little but again without actually pointing to one being the better.

So at the end of the day not a lot separates these two models from each other. With the Timecast building 25% larger it may attract the 10mm gamer more for those who scale down. Those who want to pack the table full with figures and fight Waterloo then maybe the Leven one would be the choice. I think I prefer the Timecast roof finish over the Leven model but I stress that it's no deal clencher and I repeat that if I could I would have a finish somewhere between Timecasts neat rows and Leven's lived in look. In neither case would I be put off buying the model and in many cases the Leven roof style really is a selling point for me.

As you can see from these Adler cavalry both fit the scale well if at different ends of it. Leven tip the balance for me in regards purchasing, but do so with the view that Leven have a range already in place to support Waterloo and beyond which is crucial. I have a bunch of Timecast buildings and they are actually the better models in isolation but 6mm seems to have become a backwater for Timecast whilst it's the lifeblood of Leven. Leven also continue to expand both the Napoleonic range but also plenty of others including other new ranges I am unable to speak of. In all honesty their is so little to choose between the two models and will be very much down to what you already own but if your just starting out or wanting to refresh then it's a no brainer, it has to be Leven as they whip everyone on the key points of price, range and future releases.

On a slight change of topic but related, See note below and thanks to Tamsin for bringing it to my attention) Total Battle Miniatures have stated they will be releasing Waterloo buildings this year and whilst they are a closer fit to Timecast than Leven no sign of these buildings yet and with the anniversary coming on fast they need to get cracking if they want them on the table painted in time for all those games that will be going off through this year.

Typical I checked yesterday and did not see anything but I can report they have released a rather large range that you can see here. Please note these have a smaller footprint than the typical TBM buildings so as to work with big games. Not sure if they will fit with their other buildings by just having less buildings or that they have made the buildings smaller. Looks to me to be a mix of the two. Again thanks to Tamsin for bringing this to my attention.

Monday, 23 March 2015

The Youth of Yesterday

It seems that one thing remains constant through time and that's the general misbehaviour of youth. So it's only fitting this is represented on the tabletop. The idea came to me too late to use in the Comedy slot.

This dear boy is showing his disdain of the Norman's by using his head, just not the one he should! I don't know who makes the figure but as I got it from Gary Amos with a load of Gripping Beast I am thinking he me be said suppliers.

As the figure lacks a lot of detail it was fairly quick to paint up. Seeing as the lads acting like a peasant I dressed him in drab colours and off set this with a bright shield as I wanted most attention to be there and the stream of urine was provided by soft plastic glue, he obviously is a fan of Luke Skywalker too.

So a nice quick paint and a fun diversion, he will find his way into my shield walls but like my son I don't rate his chances of staying alive too long :-)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Baccus British and Hanoverian Infantry

I should catch up with the final submissions for the Analogue Challenge over this week. I may even have a unit or three finished by Friday of new stuff but I am making no promises.

These ten Battalions can be added to the four painted a few weeks before and complete the British standard Infantry for the Reserve Corp. I still need to paint up three Battalions in kilts, one Rifle Battalion and a further six battalions of Hanoverian's. This coming week should see the Hanoverian segment at least started but possibly even finished, I even have the flags for them!

It's great that I am getting to base them as well, though I have just found out I need to also paint up the skirmishers for them as well on 30x30 bases so will need to get these ordered for Steve to pick up at Salute.

These three battalions are 1st Battalion 32nd Regiment, 1st Battalion 28th Regiment and 2nd Battalion 44th Regiment.

The lovely blue Colour's belong to 3rd Battalion 1st Regiment and 1st Battalion 4th Regiment. The 1st Regiment received one of the blue colours from the Baccus Guard flag sheet as it most represented their colour's from the flag sheets I had and are a good fit.

These brave boys are the 1st Battalion of the 27th Regiment and 2nd Battalion of the 81st Regiment. These colours are more vibrant than the earlier buff coloured colours. I am working from my list so hope I have noted them correctly, though I know they are labelled correctly on the figures bases.

Last but not least for the British is the 1st Battalion of the 40th Regiment. I did have a second white colour to add to the previously painted bunch which was on the flag sheet Kev got for me from Baccus at Hammerhead.

Since posting these on the Challenge blog I have managed to get them flagged after Lee supplied me with some flags he has left over from his mass flagging session. I have enough Hanoverian flags to flag up the last six Battalions so have no excuse not to get on with them soon. I plan to do a little conversion work to mix in a few caps into the other units to make them stand out that bit more. Lets see if that lasts beyond contact with reality.

Once I have these done I will probably move onto the cavalry rather than wait for the Salute reinforcements, that or the artillery. Well that and my son's as I really need to get these started for him but I will want to fit in a few bases for myself somewhere in the mix.