Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Zulu Yawn? Baccus 6mm

Too back to back Zulu posts and this ones a wrap. Right at the beginning of the month I stated I wanted to get the Zulu's all finished by the end of February and I have managed it with a whole month to spare so I am real happy to be able to call time on the army.

I actually finished off the project by painting up these Zulu's all in the one day. Though it has to be said all in one longish day but rather than being a bind I really enjoyed it and it only took a day as I just went from one stage to another without thought of stopping and doing something else, quite a roll really.

Lots of detail and clear enough to just keep on going, no eye strain or fatigue at all. Of course it helps that this was the end of the project which always acts as a boost for me, like coming towards the end of a good book.

So these will be going over to my mates sometime soon. 6mm are at the moment off the menu though I have started to clean up a few units of ECW and Napoleonic's for either next week or the week after depending on how fast I can get through the 15mm Thracian's I am working on at the moment. I have an outside chance of finishing them in time for my Tuesday deadline but realistically I doubt it will happen.

This is all the Zulu's I have painted in the last two months with another four regiments of 36 figures each supplied to Matt so long ago. 

As well as the Thracian's I also have my entry fee and a female Partisan on the go but all my attention has been with the guys with pointy swords but that may change in the next night or two.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Zulu Storm

You know how some projects end up being a stone round your neck? well regular readers will know this is how the 6mm Baccus Zulu's have been my bogeyman. Recently I painted up three Regiments of them and found them far less of a chore than I had convinced myself they were, indeed they could be counted as a fair bit of fun.

I resolved that I would get all the outstanding Zulu's before the end of February and thus I decided to do them all in one big bunch (except the rifle armed figures). In the end it turned out to be the best decision I could come up with as they painted up fairly quickly and were not the chore I expected them to become.

The laces on the shields gave me the usual fits and I really wish I had the control to get them to be two nice neat columns of four but even by the end I was not managing to get this down. I painted up the following regiments, Frost, Mongrels, Starters From The Umgoni River, The Howling, Forceful, Black Mamba and Savage. Though not in the order that they are presented here. 

The names are on the bottoms of the lolly sticks ready for Matt to take them off and base up. I am hoping to get a photo of the finished army at some point as the mass effect must be rather nice. I will not be looking to paint up any more any time soon, the figures paint up rather easily but those laces, help!

Matt I believe will start badgering his opponent to get on with his figures so they can get a game, after all he has had plenty of time to get them painted. I really did take far too long to get them finished and at all times Matt was a true Gent and very patient, hopefully he won't have to wait too long before he gets them on the table.

Colonial just does not interest me so I won't be drawn into getting my own figures for any of the related armies or scales. I can see the attraction for others but I just can't get myself worked up over it.

Since finishing these I have also painted up the rifle armed Zulu's so I can call this project finished and with it I feel quite free and able to do whatever I like. I still have some ECW in 15mm to do for Matt but these will wait till after March and then will be quick to appear on the table and that will leave me with no figures to do for anyone though I will have to look at doing some 15mm for Steve another mate, I think they will be Thracian's if he is still up for them. Kind of interesting as that is what I have on my desk at the moment for my own army, over sixty of them! But already I have lots of other figures sitting in the wings waiting for their turn at bat. This will include plenty of 6mm Napoleonic's but plenty of other subjects and scales to, happy days.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Building of the Week - The Santa Clause

Chris ran an excellent Santa Clause this year though I was struggling with what to do for my target. His painting style was going t be difficult for me to copy and basing was far different from what is my norm I knew I could be providing a less than good match. However he did have some rather nice buildings and I thought I might have a chance of doing something that would fit.

This is a MDF kit that I have managed to loose who makes it but I decided t have some fun with it. The outer walls I coated in Reeves Coarse texture gel leaving the areas of bare brick showing. The inner walls I applied Reeves Gesso primer fr a smoother but not smooth finish. 

Then it was just a basic paint job adding smoke damage and some dirt to the outer walls after using a few different whites to get a more realistic aged look. The inside walls I tried to get a mixed room look without limiting it to much to one period.

I also had some wooden and terracotta bricks I added to the model scattering them around and dropping others down the chimney. Inside is a 28mm figure for scale.

In reality it was not quite as bright as the images look. The windows and sills had to be attached which were easy to do in fact I had no issues at all. It did come with some rubble bits but they looked exactly what they were, bits of board meant to look like rubble, not a jagged edge to be seen.

Several floor area's had tiling but I added sawdust and inked it to make it nice and grubby. I also added a few card roof tiles here and there to add to the clutter without cutting into figure placement space. Last off I used very watered down black paint and splattered the walls to give a sooty effect to the inside of the walls and make it yet more grubby.

It also came with a roof section that was crying out to have tiles attached. I was lucky enough to have a sheet of Warbase tiles in hand s it was just a case of cutting sections out and layering them up on the wooden frame and adding the odd mispositioned one to show them falling out of place, had lots of fun with that. Pre cutting I painted them as a page starting dark grey and working to light through dry brushing.

Last off was the outer base work, flocking and bush planting and I had a great time building it up. Fortunately it made it to Spain without incident and seems t have gone down well.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Black Tree Viking's for Saga (1 Point)

One of the plans for early 2015 is to build up my Saga Vikings for fighting against my Son and Lee when he gets his troops painted (hint hint). As such I had programmed a fair few into my Analogue Challenge prep work,, indeed I still have another sixteen figures ready to be painted in the coming two months. All figures are the very nice Black Tree Miniatures

Leader of this points worth of warriors is this guy. I wanted him to look suitably commanding so wanted to do my best on his shield so painted up this two headed dragon that came out a lot better than I expected as free hand is not exactly my strong suit.

The strange pose of this figure with the arm held close to the body had me stumped for a short while and then I thought why not have him wounded and quickly came up with the idea f a discarded shield, blooded tunic and blood running down his hand. Again it came out much as I had planned which is not the normal run of things here.

I used basic block painting with a wash of GW Agrax Earthshade followed by highlighting with the original colour. It's been suggested on the Challenge post that I should add a further colour to the highlight to lift it further so will try that with the next lot.

I painted a mix of hair colours, most dirty blond but a few with brown hair as well. I again went for the brighter colours and all but the first two have a more basic colour trim to their tunics as I figure lesser warriors would have less money to spend on fashion.

I also wanted to have a mix of more basic shield designs with some more complex. The slingers just had the basic designs befitting there lower warrior status (levies) whilst these would have to earn their crust in the shield wall, well the back rows but still.

The guy in the centre really reminds me of someone I worked with in the past, something I rather like. The poses are a little strange in a few cases whilst others are really good but the overall look of individuals rather than same pose different head is well worth the odd pose.

The yellow came through much better with the adding of the highlights and turned a problematic colour into a nice solid finish, glad I put in the extra effort, not that it was THAT much more effort.

Love the back of the shields that allow the wood grain to show with just a black base and light drybrush. Also the extra detail such as the knife held by two straps really help make the finished figure more interesting.

Lastly a very nice long house that Loki gave my son for Christmas (along with much more), really helped to make my sons day so thanks mate, I only borrowed it for the pics.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Celts and Napoleonic's

I had two lots of post in the last two days. First up was two copies of Crusader's March Attack Napoleonic rules for Corp size and up games. Just had a quick flick through and it looks like they could be used with the figures based the way we have them with a few changes. Not that we are actively looking for other rules but neither am I blind to them. Northstar have a sale on them at the moment down from £20 to just £5 so I picked up a set for Lee in case they are useful.

I also bought two boxes of Gallic Warband and a box of Gallic Command. These I plan to paint up for playing over at Kev's as you can never have enough Celt's it seems. I need to get these washed in watered down Dettlo as primer finds it hard to stick to them. They are quite rubbery so I can see it being fun to get them done.

I plan on getting movement trays fr them to cut down on the need to touch them. These will be for Hail Caesar games. Of course this will bump up the plastic section of the mountain but hopefully not for long.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

T34 Secret Santa Ready To Roll

I always like to get me Secret Santa painted (if applicable) as soon as I can after Christmas to show my appreciation of the gift and as such I was keen to get the T34's done in January. The fact that they are also great looking models also helped.

These are Plastic Soldier Company 1/76 scale T34's for the new project I am working on. These should see service both at Kev's Cabin and Lee's fortress. So far I have painted up a bx of Revell infantry and now these tanks. The tanks were hands down the best experience of the two.

You get a mix of equipment and also the option of adding the 76L turret or the 85L turret. I especially like that you can fit either at any time allowing it to be twice as useful and save the money on buying two versions. The detail is crisp and the tanks went together well,, every stage was a pleasant experience and something I will be happy to do again in the not so distant future when I buy other tank types.

I could not help myself but add a few tank riders to one of the tanks and as such had kept back a few models from the figures previously blogged about.

I also used a hot pin to make a slight grove in the turret from a glancing blow, maybe that's why everyone is jumping off?

I put the tanks on bases so they would be a little safer when being transported and in this case allow for the infantry to be added as part of the model. 

As you can see I am rather pleased with my tank riders little dio, I still need to buy some support elements and this will probably be done at York, or at least looked into. 

Here we have the same tanks but with an upgrade of the 85L turret, a much bigger turret and barrel. Somehow looks a lot meaner.

I have painted up a commander for each of the turret types allowing me to use that one as the command tank if desired. That said the early T34 could not fire whilst the commander was half out of the turret as he was also the gunner!

So a BIG thank you to my Secret Santa, you helped make a good day better when I opened up the parcel and I hope you like what I did with the gift. Already looking forward to this years event.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

500000 Hits. Thank you to all who take a look.

It's with a huge level of satisfaction that I can report that I have reached and breached the 500K mark of page views on the blog. I am very grateful that you guys and girls take the time to have a look and especially those who comment. Some of you comment on most posts and that's even more special but I am grateful to one and all, from the odd viewer to the frequent flyer. 

Normally a give away would be announced to mark the occasion but due to the possible threat to my job and the certain reduction in pay I can not offer such a celebration but I have another anniversary on the horizon so hopefully then.