Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Back To The Prussian Napoleonic's in 6mm

I continue to flip back and forwards between 6mm and 15mm each week of the Challenge and that continues with these Adler Prussians.

I am now looking to fill out the other Corp's that did not fight at Waterloo but did fight during the 100 days campaign. These are some of the more interesting of the as yet unpainted regiments as they are German-Russian and whilst wearing Prussian cut uniforms the coats were Russian Green. A nice splash of colour.

I used Landwehr figures as these seemed the best match. The regiments had the usual three battalions, two standard and one fusilier.  They are numbered 30th and 31st regiments.

As per expectations the Adler have a great amount of detail. I am looking forward to the few times I will get to use these guys. Such is the lot of strange units.

I have been having issues with my computer and am now having to use Cath's so posts are somewhat lacking until I get the computer replaced.

Monday, 6 February 2017

15mm French SYW Infantry and Vapnartak 2017

Posting is a bit irregular at the moment. Partly down to the painting challenge, ironic that. Also my computer is in the last gasp of life as it keeps freezing and is a right pain to use far too much of the time.

First up the show at York, not much to show for my trip as I only bought some double dice cells for our English Civil War armies as the rules I am working on will use unit strength and morale factors rather than just the one score to represent both. I also bought some roof tiles to use on the 15mm buildings I bought from Warbases a few months ago. The Boy did better out of me gaining two units worth of Heavy Cavalry and a battalion of French grenadiers all from Lancashire Games. This will complete his army from a point of view of giving him a viable force to play with. Being a wargamer though it's only the start of his army and will be added to as time goes on.

The show it self was heaving. I think it will need to change venue as it's just far too cramped to the point of contravening fire regulations. On a personal level the stairs ended up being just too much and I ended the day in so much pain that on getting home I was violently sick (sorry Lee but if you only knew the struggle not to chuck in your car) and was driven to bed only getting up to say goodnight to the kids, not good.

Anyway on to a more pleasant subject. Last week I finished these two battalions of French infantry for The Boys army. These are again Lancashire Games 15mm SYW figures and again ticked all the required boxes for me and The Boy.

Regiment 2 Champagne sport a white uniform with red waste coats just the same as regiment 3 so the only difference for these two regiments is the flags.

Being the first white coated units I have painted post discovering the ink wash technique I was somewhat in the dark on how to paint these up and had a minor wobble when I added the black ink wash. In the end it was mostly a case of repainting the white but as a heavy highlight and overall I can be satisfied with the result.

Regiment 3 Navarre had the same treatment but I had watered down the ink some for these and so had a better base to work to. In the end though you can't really tell any difference. I have two more regiments on the desk at the moment so will approach them with a bit more experience. I was considering using the system Tamsin suggested but decided to save this for some future ones when I have more time to get it right.

I continue to be impressed with the results I am getting with the Lancashire Game figures. The casting is not perfect and I missed some mould lines but I can't complain with the effort to results ratio and will be buying more Prussians for my army when I get to the end of the figures I have in hand at the moment.

The Boy will now have three battalions of infantry with another two almost finished so I will move onto his heavy cavalry next. I have been looking at some of the other regiments such as the Irish, Scottish and Italian, lots of uniform colour and interesting flags so looking forward to doing some of these for him once his basic force is painted up.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Adler Prussian Cuirassiers

Meant to post about these last week, seems I have been too busy painting instead. I had enough figures left to paint up a further three regiments to add to the two I already had painted over a year ago. 

Prussia had four regiments at the time of Waterloo but they were with the other army that never got involved. Mine are for a what if scenario and other earlier battles so the fifth regiment may come in useful.

All five are painted up the same so nothing much to add really. Typically lovely looking minis that are a bugger to clean up but rewarding once painted.

These have been packed away as I won't get the chance to use them for awhile. Next 6mm game will either be Ancients or Waterloo if things stay the same.

We played a game towards the end of last year with over 100 battalions of infantry and a fair amount of cavalry and it played well so we need to get the big game played out and see just how it goes.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Commission Figurines 6mm MDF Cavalry

I finally get round to painting up the Commission Figurines 6mm Light Cavalry figures I was sent over a year ago. The biggest advantage at least from my point of view these figures have is the speed and ease of painting.

If your aim is to paint up a large force quickly, or your on a tight budget these figures could be the ones for you. At wargaming distance they will look rather good, especially if you go a few shades brighter. I swapped some Adler Poles for some more Commission figures last night so will be doing a few more at some point (infantry and artillery) but not in the next few months.

So I painted the first two as Polish Hussars, the 10th and 13th to be exact. These are now part of Lee's collection as he is building up the Poles so it did not seem worthwhile for me to paint them up as well. Being Hussar figures they were perfect subjects.

Where MDF fall down for me is the flatness of the figures, somewhat 2D in a 3D world. BUT if I was painting a whole army this way then it would be less of a issue. Having seen a whole battle fought with these models I know just how good they look.

The other two bases are Chasseur Regiments for my French army and by painting over the Pellese it simply disappears. 

I have been given the idea of painting up stands of these figures to be used with Command & Colours Napoleonic's that I play with my son. Given the speed of painting and cost involved I think I just have got to have a play with it. Not sure how I will store them though...........

Monday, 16 January 2017

1st and 5th Regiments, Prussian SYW Dragoons

I can now boast a fully playable Prussian SYW army, whilst of course Lee can boast TWO painted armies, these being Russian and Austrian.

I now have three of the six dragoon regiments that took part in the invasion of Saxony. I have the figures for the other three so at some point these will be painted up as well.

Regiment 1 von Norman these fought throughout the war with the same commanding officer. The figures are Lancashire Games and whilst needing some cleanup were not so bad as to make it a pain to do.

They are reasonably detailed, to the point I actually left some of the detail out. I did have trouble with the swords of both commanders with them breaking off. One was possibly due to being in and out of the pack a couple of times whilst the other was not helped by me dropping the figure. The other painted regiment had none of these issues.

The coats on this regiment (and the next) are quite light, much lighter than Prussian Blue so they stand out more. The regiment has black cuffs and coat tails which is quite different from the usual red. Overall I remain happy with Lancashire Games figures and it's hard to beat their quality to price ratio. It has certainly made it possible to build a 15mm army without excessive costs.

The second regiment is Regiment 5 Markgraf with the same bright blue coats but the more regular red cuffs and turnbacks. 

The saddle cloths and pistol holders are both red pipped with white where the other regiment was another light blue colour.

It really feels good to get to this point with my army, not that I have a game as yet planned with them as the next game with Lee will be 15mm Ancients, it's been two years at least since Lee got his army out for a game. In fact it's so long ago we were using Fields of Glory. I think Lee will like the change of direction Hail Caesar has taken. Of course this is helped by his knowledge of Black Powder.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

6mm ECW Infantry, Painting Both Sides

Back to 6mm and my own painting, though not all my figures. Baccus will be releasing a much expanded and by the looks excellent new ECW and TYW range. Shame then both Lee and me have four starter armies between us! Indeed we have rather too many for the real thing but that is not going to stop us. Flags are also from Baccus, all told from three flag sheets, hopefully they will bring out more ECW ones. They will be doing some for the TYW.

I am very slowly building up both armies so getting another eight regiments of infantry off the table is a big plus. I intend to use this years challenge to get to a point where we can get a few games under our belts. Only issue is that I am not that far into writing a set of rules for this. I really want to use rules that capture the feel of the ECW so it's not something I want to rush.

Parliaments four regiments. I am building a mix of Essex's armies that fought at Edgehill and the Newbury campaign. This will allow us to play games set between 1642-44 and sets me up nicely then to paint up the New Model Army and the Kings Naseby army. Well that's the plan, much time will pass before that comes to pass but for now I am happy with recent progress.

The London Trained Bands played a big part of Essex's and Wallers early campaigns but their use was tempered by their lack of enthusiasm for long term use or their use far from home. A problem the King could relate to with some of his forces. Here we have the red regiment.

The other three regiments were all part of Colonel James Holbournes Brigade at Newbury. Col. George Langham's regiment had a blue standard with yellow tapers. I had to paint the white tapers of this flag yellow (tapers being the wavy lines designating the company number streaming from the George). The green coats are pure conjecture.

Col James Holbourne's own regiment are believed to have had red coats and yellow standards. I purposely chose a different red to the Trained Bands to add more variety. Some of the red regiments will of course be used as a base for the NMA, why do twice the work?

Col. Francis Thompson's are lacking in any detail I could find but I had to paint them up as this is my Grandfathers name! I chose blue coats and a white standard simply as they went together. In fairness it's pointless to get too hung up on uniform colours and standards as most sources fail to supply detail or it's contradicted from one source to the next. Add the fact that uniform coats were supplied in different colours at different points in time and often supply was none existent forcing troops to source their own meaning many a regiment had a real mix of colours towards the end of a campaign.

So those sad sacks are now part of Lee's army, all wrapped up with their mates. Meanwhile the King has yet to put his troops in quarters, too busy trying to get a submission ready for Friday I guess ;-)

Lord Percy brought his regiment down from the north to join the Kings Oxford army. The regiment is said to have had white coats as a fair few of the northern regiments were clothed in such manner. The blue standard is even more of a shrug at history but again I liked the look. It is assumed that the regiment was at Cropredy Bridge but certainly was part of the Oxford army a short time after.

To speed up the painting I painted a regiment of Royalists in blue coats allowing me to paint two up at the same time, these are Lord Loughborough's regiment and was raised in the West Midlands and joined the Oxford army around the same time as Percy's.

Lord Inchiquin brought his regiment over from Ireland. It was not Irish, rather it was a English regiment but it's very likely to have had a fair few troops who were Irish as it would have tried to replace it's loses by any means. It first fought as part of Hoptons army in the south west before joining the Kings army. Again it's thought it was part of the Cropredy campaign. The red standard is a guess. Often coat colours and standard colours are linked but this is not born out with a great deal of evidence. I am happy to have a few the same colour but do not use it as a rule.

Sir John Blackwells regiment was part of the Oxford army and believed to have worn black coats but I am quite sceptical as black coats must have both been rather expensive and probably grey within a few months hard campaigning. However I like the look so went for it. Standard, well your guess is as good as mine.

Painting has slowed down quite a bit this last week as I have found flying is not my strong point and I now know EXACTLY how many steps we have on our stairs. Painting, blogging standing and sleeping have all proved to be rather difficult since. But nothing broken so I should be grateful. Now I am suitably loaded with painkillers so it's off to bed for a night of tossing and turning.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Number 2 Regiment Zieten Hussars

This is the cavalry that Lee also managed to buy by mistake (so he says), They are a very colourful bunch as are most of the Hussars of the period.

We base our cavalry all on the same sized bases but the number of figures on the bases denotes the troop type. Last post had the heavies with eight to a base, hussars just get six figures a base. Whilst not smack you in the mouth noticeable the overall effect and ease of working out unit types really works for us.

Hussars don't carry standards into battle so that detail is wrong. I am just taking it as a captured standard, got to be good for morale.

The detail on these figures is quite good as is the standard of painting. By happy coincidence this is one of the three Hussar regiments that took part in the invasion of Saxony so fits with my planned army. I will not be getting the third regiment for awhile as two Hussar regiments will be enough till I have grown the army somewhat. With so many cavalry units (with another four dragoons in the wings) I will be concentrating on infantry, artillery and more command once I have the dragoons on my painting table finished.

These figures came based but Lee was kind enough to debase them for me making it quicker for me to base them up. So it took about nine months to get to the point where I have a full army ready for a game. I thought that was none too shabby, right up to the point Tamsin turned in A WHOLE ARMY after just three weeks of the painting challenge, not only that she was lamenting the slow start as having the first week of the challenge away from home LOL.

Of course this army is set to grow plenty more. Though I can start to spend more time on The Boys French now. Expect to see a bunch of French infantry here soon.