Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 23 November 2015

Battle of Bautzen 1813 Part I

On my first Sunday off in four weeks I was able to take The Boy over to Lee's and get the Bautzen game started. The Boy decided to fight on the same side as me and so took two Prussian Divisions nearest the open edge. Unfortunately these were  stuck behind the river so would possibly have the least action of the allied troops. I had the other Pussian Division the Prussian reserve cavalry and three Russian infantry divisions.

Lee was commanding a mixed bunch of French, Italian, Saxon and Wuttemburg troops that spanned the quality range between Old Guard through to Milita. This should be interesting.

The first turn saw The Boy and myself happy to stay in our positions and fire our guns into the slowly advancing French. 

The Boy set about reducing the Italian cavalry just as soon as it was in range. Seems the curse of the just painted was going to strike again. Not good news as the two Battalions directly behind have also just come off the painting table.

Lee steadily moved forward on his left flank and in the centre. Looks like he plans to try and take the bridges rather than cover them and hit my centre. The Boy was quick to react as he started to move his reserve into the bulge made by the river.

I had a single battalion out front with the job of slowing down the attack and causing as much trouble as possible. Unfortunately the farm was not proving to have thick enough walls and the battalion was quickly reduced to half strength.

The Saxons and French divisions towards their right flank start to move forward now there flank is protected by the captured farm.

I wasted the three Cossack cavalry units gaining neither time nor weakening the French cavalry. I would have been better to have kept them for attacking already reduced units rather than facing fresh cavalry.

But Lee also was quick to come to blows with his Division cavalry which was to allow me to have an advantage when stronger formations came to blows.

The French attack towards Bautzen was now developing, my troops would be outnumbered but had strong walls to protect them, would this be enough?

Lee brought up his Italian Division to try and force the small bridge. His fire was able to force back the one battalion but he was also taking casualties. I was quite confident that the attack against the bridge would not succeed. 

A little along the river Lee manages to get a single battalion across the large bridge and has four more battalions lining the river in an attempt to push The Boy away from the bridge. However with three fresh battalions close to the bridge he elects to stand and fight. The French battalion is quickly isolated and driven back across the bridge a shadow of its former self.

Blocking my way to the battle for the bridge is three battalions of French infantry. My Prussian cavalry has forced them into squares but I just can't get infantry up to smash them so a time consuming charge and retire cycle of actions take up the following few turns. I really needed to get these battalions away from the river to open a fresh attack of my own.

The French launch an attack to the right of the captured farm. This ties up the troops earmarked for the attack on the larger bridge and will possibly change the course of battle in this sector.

One of my cavalry regiments is under compulsory retreat (yellow die) but has bought me yet more time on this flank. I would be able to rally these cavalry back and bring them back into battle again after a few turns recovering their order. At this point the battle seems to be mostly going my way.

I continue to cause problems for the French, forcing infantry into squares (red dice), the attacks so far have been a little disjointed and most have lacked much in the way of support. However greater numbers are massed in the rear.

The Italians clear The Boy's Prussians from the little bridge, the Prussians are at this point quite weak but have troops close enough and in large enough numbers that they could contest the position if the Italians cross over.

Not that the Italians lack numbers with eleven battalions a light cavalry regiment and a battery of guns at their disposal. Still a maximum of two battalions can cross per turn, a double move may be required to get enough mass in place to stay on the Prussian side.

So neither side as yet have managed to get any real advantage, Lee is building mass in a couple of points but still continues to send in attacks that are not closely supported whilst I continue to fail to dislodge the French squares blocking my approach to the larger bridge. I also continue to remain mostly passive on the hills leaving it to Lee to make the majority of the aggressive moves.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Sixth Annual Analogue Painting Challenge and Side Duals.

The call for Curt's Analogue Painting Challenge has again been made and of course I have again taken up the challenge, I mean why would I not? 

This year as you will already be aware will not be a large showing for me as I just don't have as much time to paint as I have in previous challengers. The only thing I have going for me is that the winter weather should allow me more painting time on my days off than in recent months.

However I still feel I will have enough in the tank to make two challengers

Most points in 6mm. 
Each of the last four painting challengers has seen me run off a lot of 6mm, this year should again see this as a fairly major part of my painting again this year as I want to get my Macedonian army into gaming shape. However I also want to be far more varied this year so whilst 6mm will feature heavily I plan on doing plenty of 15 and 28mm

Most points in Ancients.
A bit of a cross over, I do have both 15 and 20mm Ancients as well as the 6mm so will be hopefully getting a mixed bag of points.

So does anyone fancy taking me on this year in a little side challenge?

Friday, 20 November 2015

Friday Quiz 21

Fresh from two nights wargameing on the trot here is the quiz.

1. What year was the Battle of Bosworth Field fought? 

2. The Coldstream Guards is the oldest Regiment of the British army but for which war was it raised?

3. Name the king of Spain who's death triggered the Spanish War of Succession?

4. Name the first and last wars Armoured Trains where used?

5. Other than their religious links what links the Sexton and Bishop in the WWII Commonwealth armies?

A couple of odd balls this week, lets see how you do.

1. The battle of Bosworth was fought on the 22nd August 1485 and one hundred and fifty seven years to the day that Charles I raised his standard at Nottingham to signal the start of the First ECW.

2. The Coldstream Guards was raised by George Monck during the Second ECW (really an extension of the first) in 1660 as part of the New Model Army.

3. The Spanish king was Charles II

4. ACW saw the first use of armoured trains and the last use in action was the improvised ones used during the Second Chechen War by the Russians between 1999 and 2009.

5. The Sexton and Bishop are both forms of AFV.

Thanks again for all the answers.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Arena Rex Vargr

I continue to have little painting to show as my output is either slow or can't be shown due this time to being mostly my Santa Clause present for my target. But I can show you the latest finish from my Arena Rex collection. I had hoped to get one finished a month but that looks like it's not going to happen but still from an enjoyment point of view its a real blast.

This is Vargr, rather smaller than Aquila which was the first of the Arena Rex figures I have painted up. Not that Aquila is the largest of the Arena Rex figures I own. I selected this guy as my second model as I really liked the look of him.

Red Republic Games have used quite a few different artists to sculpt their figures but from what I have seen all are top flight sculptors and like all the others this one does not disapoint.

Great detail which makes the painting so much easier, though I have to say that I am extremely happy with the skin tones I have managed to get. Lots of layering and I think if I keep pushing myself I will really grow as a painter. I am more well known for my 6mm work so it's a lot of fun to show off something a little bigger. I think this figure is closer to true 32mm than many of the others, Aquila is 42mm toe to eye. This guy if he was standing straight would have to stretch to get to 30mm.

Unfortunately I was a little careless on cutting him off his sprue, snapping his ankle and pinning was not an option with the ankle being so thin. The fix ended up being a bit of glue and painting a leather band around his ankle to match the one just under his knee on the other leg. 

The action poses are only possible due to these models coming in multipart kits, in this case originally four, that is until I made it five part!

It's now possible for me to play a game with a couple of real models. It won't be much of a game but I am sure The Boy will be only to happy to hand me my ass on a plate.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Dear Santa..............

With Secret Santa already off and running I thought I had better get my list up too. Please treat this list as simply a guide and feel free to go off list as you desire.

So in no order at all we have

Baccus Macedonian Phalanx AMA01 and AMA03 open handed because you can never have enough pike.

Baccus AMA07 Prodromoi Cavalry

Baccus Any Hoplite pack

Baccus Any of the Persian range as that's the next 6mm project

Magister Militum (Chariot Miniatures) ALM4 as you can't have enough pike

Magister Militum (Chariot Miniatures) ALM1 Companion cavalry

WWII 28mm anything suitable for the British at Create

28mm Mexican figures for Wild West

28mm Wild West street furniture or even in house furniture

15mm ECW Cavalry

OK that's what I can think of off the top of my head and I hope it helps Santa.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Friday Quiz 20

It's hard to believe this little quiz has had twenty outing's. I sometimes wonder how many actually follow it beyond the ones that take part. A comment by Clint last week made me smile quite a bit as he just wanted me to know that whilst he did not take part he did read them, it's great to know so a big thanks Clint and others who read them as well.

1. Which Persian King of Kings did Alexander The Great overthrow?

2. There were three decisive battles won by the English in the Hundred Years War, those being Crecy, Agincourt and a third  one between these two on 19th September 1356, name it?

3. How old was Napoleon when he died?

4. What is the name of the British Battle of Britain two seater fighter?

5. What year did the First Indiochina War end? This being the French war in Vietnam that started 19th December 1946.

Lets hope I can get round to the answers sooner than last weeks.

1. Darius III

2. Poitien was fought between the two other decisive battles.

3. Napoleon was 51 when he died on the 5th May 1821.

4. The Boulton Paul Defiant and was withdrawn once the Germans worked out how to fight them.

5. The French pulled out on the 1st August 1954 due to internal pressure as the war like the American one that followed lost public support.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Building of the Week - Leven Manor House

I painted up the display version for Leven ages ago and immediately ordered one for my own collection but alas took forever to get round to painting it. No matter I really enjoyed painting this model even though it was a real quick paint. Unfortunately at the moment the building is not available as it was rather tricky to cast from the original mould so will be re-released once a fresh mould has been made.

It's easy to see why I like it so much as it's got loads of character, it's just a pity that the light is too poor to take shots of it outside.

I really like all the different angles that the roof and garrets give it, I know I will be able to fit this in with various Napoleonic battlefields. Not so much for our ECW ones but possibly for other periods we have yet to get into.

The building for all it's shapes is still a fairly blockish building but that adds to it's charm and actually acts as a nice foil to the other manor house that Leven released about a year ago.

I popped the house on a temporary base to show it with a unit of Infantry to give an idea of scale, works rather well for me. I don't intend to base the building at the moment but may do later if inspiration or need occurs.