Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dead Man's Hand Cowboys

I found another two prepped Cowboys a few weeks ago so I slipped them into the painting queue just to get them out of the way. I did not get them varnished for the game on Monday night so they have yet to get on the table.

I just did a basic job on them, single base colour and an ink wash. That said, on this guy I added sweat stains as the light blue shirt looked vulnerable to such.

Nothing over fancy with the figures but I like the pose and level of detail. Both figures will either be used by the kids or can make up my group when I get to play against one or both of them. 

This figure has the least detail showing of all the Western figures I own as the long coat covers mose of the figure. Still he is just cannon fodder anyway.

Lastly a shot of the new guys with the gallows to help give you an idea of scale of the gallows. Quite a large piece and does gain your attention.

I just need to clear the table of the six Prussian Battalions and a few other odds and ends then I will get my Santa Clause finished, want to do a good job so that it looks the part. Talking of Christmas all Secret Santa's should now have their targets, if you do not then get in touch with Cath if you have her email,, if not let me know and I will pass you over.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Western Theme - Structure (Building) of the Week

For the next few days you will get a series of posts that all have something to do with the kids Cowboy collection. Today you get a slightly changed building of the week in this Sarissa Precision Old West Gallows (DO41) and costs £7.50 

Like the Sarissa Precision building I built this is an easy kit to put together and painting was easy as lets face it it's just the one colour. I did not want to have the wood looking faded like the buildings as I was working on the principle it's not been up as long as the buildings but still allowed a little difference in the planks for interest sake.

It was really windy when I took the photo's so the noose was being blown around making it hard t see Cath's good work. I am a little worried how quickly she was able to knock up a working noose. Defiantly remembering her Birthday!

We have already played a game using both the building and the gallows. My daughter for some reason loaded the platform of the gallows with men rather than taking to a house. Lots of fun was had and once I have all the buildings finished expect a few protracted shoot outs.

Monday, 20 October 2014

French Giveaway The Results

Sorry for the delay, been super busy with my sons birthday and all the other things that take up all possible spare time. Both kids now in bed post a Lets pick on Dad game of Cowboys so now onto the three prizes.

£20 voucher for Baccus miniatures buildings rules etc goes to Ray Russel. How does that bugger manage it?

£20 voucher for Baccus (Thank you Peter for matching my offering) goes to Mark G, should make selling on your 15mm DAK a little easier I hope.

£15 worth value of Leven Miniatures buildings to Lee Hadley, another one of the Gravesend bunch and that was out of 33 people what's the odds considering only two full time Rejects took part with Tamsin being the third (Honourably) 

Mark if you can drop me an email and I will connect you to Peter for your prize.

Ray can you get Lee to pass on his details to me, I know he has bought from Leven before but in case Mike does not have the full details.

So thanks to all that entered and to Peter at Baccus for the extra prize. I of curse have plans for another when I get the Prussians finished.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Last Call for Secret Santa and Hail Caesar I already know at Kev's Cabin

The Secret Santa for 2014 closes on Sunday 19th October so this is the last chance to join in the fun and Guarantee getting a wargames present from someone who takes the hobby as serious as you do.

We have 29 taking part this year and as each year has seen an increase in participants I feel this is now here to stay. What makes it great for me is that Cath my wife really enjoys running it and this allows me to play as well.

If you want in just leave a comment here letting me know and send me an email by the widget at the top of my page. You will be committing to send and receive a present of about £15 plus postage or equivalent value for those not buying in the UK. It has to be wargames related and can come from a list, idea from reading their blog (if they have one) or something you think they will really want.

I have started work on my Santa Clause present and it's really fun to be working on something for another gamer so thanks to Chris for running the other version of Christmas wargames fun.

Thursday just gone saw me head over to Kev's to play a Hail Caesar game with Kev's superb 1/72 figures. I was on Kev's side with the Celts facing Glen and Andrew (Loki) I have been invited over a few times but this was the first time I was able to make it and was somewhat taken back by how close it was to work. As in 15 minutes from work! This of course will make it extremely easy to get over for future games.

Kev has a great set up and Charlie is a very understanding and cool wife and the night was very relaxed and full of laughter. I knew they had not so very long ago jettisoned one of the players for failing to follow the ten commandments so obviously I did not want to disappoint and honestly they were so laid back it was a breeze to play with them. Yes we had a number of rule questions but all were sorted in a friendly way of players very at ease with each other.

Being my first game of Hail Caesar I was really interested in it's mechanics and feel. I also know it's Marmite in it's play, you either really like it or really don't! For me I can see why they play the rules, your going to get a game in an evening and it has a nice feel to it. Even though it's I go you go the command rules are slick enough that this by no means makes moving a forgone conclusion and that's the main Marmite issue. We have a similar rule in the Napoleonic rules so I was at home with the concept.

I forgot to take many pictures and these were on my phone so not the best but here you can see my warbands trying to stand up to the Roman's. I really liked how the rules work in the special Roman abilities and I can tell you hitting them face on and not killing them in the first round is not the best way of dealing with them.

I also had some light cavalry and chariots these should have made the top of the hill before the Romans but the dice, the dice. So instead I was happy to pelt the Auxiliaries from a distance which was wearing them down, these are easier to harm than the Legionnaires.

Kev had relied on my covering his flank but this turned out a bad move as I failed to move for two turns allowing Glen to crash into Kev's open flank and drive off the field two warbands and this was to be a major loss for us as the numbers were on the Roman side and whilst I was to get involved with Glen's force Andy was able to send all his troops against Kev with me unable to get troops across to help out. Kev against the odds won two rounds of combat but Andrew saved liek the best of them and as the casualties built up Kev was getting close to losing the rest of his infantry.

I was doing worse and soon all my infantry had been routed from the field whilst my cavalry slowly retreated from the victorious Romans. Kev tried to salvage some honour by standing against the Roman cavalry with his but even that was not to be and a total rout was achieved.

So a fun game that were no opportunity to ridicule an opponent was missed or ally for that matter. From that one game I think I may have the rules for the 6mm Ancients project and I have started to look for rules (one of the commandments LOL) and I can see once the Waterloo Project is finished I will be painting up a few other side projects such as a few boxes of Hoplites or something similar. I also have some 20mm SHQ WWII American Paratroops which may see the light of day on the painting desk.

A fun night that I look forward to doing again at some time in the not too distant though not for a few weeks as I have other wargame and work commitments that will keep me from the Cabin. A big thanks to the guys, Charlie and Bilbo for not eating me alive.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Secret Santa Catching Up

First of all thanks to everyone who has confirmed their details in the last few days and to the latest victims members of this ever growing club. This is the third year we have had the Secret Santa and it's nice to see how much it has grown. We have a lot of old faces amongst us again so it must be pressing the right buttons.

Below I have the names of a few I still need to contact me with their postal address and blog details so I can pass them on to Cath. If you know the people involved can you let them know, I will be leaving messages on their blogs but any help would be appreciated.

So we have just a few more days to join the fun and  one more will give us 30!!! For those who do not know the idea is to have someone assigned to you who you buy a wargames related present for at around £15 whilst someone else is buying for you. This means come Christmas day you get something under the tree that will be a surprise and not for your feet.

Interested? just leave a comment below or email me via the button top right side of the blog and I will pass you onto Cath my wife who runs the show. 

So if your name is below can you please email me as above so I can pass on all your details to Cath.

J Miller
Ron Carnegie
Fire Monkey Boy
Paul Smith

and that's the lot so I am really happy with the state of things at the moment as I would have expected a few more on the list at this point.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Baccus French Horse Artillery - Newish Release

Baccus released these new French Napoleonic Horse Artillery not that long ago but it's getting hard to keep up with the releases LOL.

These are HFR31H/S at £3 for a pack of four in the UK. These are a mix as I have subbed the howitzers from the foot battery for the horse as per a previous post. Like the foot, these are great clean miniatures 

In practice I will have one howitzer with a regular gun to simulate a battery but wanted to show the howitzers together. As you now expect from Baccus the guns are one piece castings. I never had an issue glueing the wheels on but the move to one piece casting was very popular.

As you can see here, they really are crisp. You can also see the Sabretacheon a couple of the figures shown. All four have them and makes a nice point of difference.

Here are the longer barrelled friends that will pair up with the howitzers again with 1812-15 Horse Artillery crews. These give me more than I actually need for the Waterloo game but the great thing with the French is that you always need more. Indeed I actually have a few more guns and crews to paint up at some point as well as the just released Guard ones I will be painting up soon.

So these are the last figures I will be including in the Waterloo game, well unless I get the urge for painting up even more. In the meantime it's the Prussians and then those spare Guard.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Secret Santa - The Last Week

I have decided to set the closing date early for the Secret Santa to allow plenty of time to get your target sorted out and that date will be this coming Sunday the 19th of October. 

If you have signed up please check below to make sure you are listed. If not send me an email or message on this post.

Not signed up yet but want in then leave a message below. The idea for anyone not aware is that each person involved gets a target randomly drawn by my wife Cath who they get to buy a wargames related present to the value of about £15 (or equivalent in foreign money). I suggest you buy the gift in the country of your target to cut down on postage though Cath does tend to group say the USA together if enough numbers involved etc to make life easier. Also she will re-draw anyone who has bought for the same person in either of the previous two years.

Anyway I have two lists below, one for those who have contacted only by the comments and those who have emailed. Anyone who has not emailed can you do so with your full details (Name, address and blog name if you have one) this will allow Cath to provide your gifter with the information they will need to sort your present out.

It is OK to put up a wish list on your blog, or email Cath to give to your gifter or let them decide. I can't recommend nipping on your targets blog and having a good rummage as you can come up with great ideas that way. My target last year was really happy with his present as it was something he was planning on getting at a later date which I had guessed from a previous post from earlier in the year. Result was two happy bloggers LOL.

Got Your Email Details at Least.
Brendan Watts
Jake Bledsoe
Andy McMaster
Conrad Kinch
Chris Stolsen
Ray Rousell (can you email Cath or me as an email bounced that Cath sent you)
Stefan (AKA Monty)
Dave Docherty
Flags of War Iain
Thomas Nissvik
Markus Sharaput
Patrick Ballinger
Stuart Markham
Gary Amos
Ian Willey

Not Got Your Email please contact me.
Thomas Richer
J Miller
Leif Eriksson
Ron Carnegie
Edwin King
Fire Monkey Boy
Paul Smith
Largo W
Mike Whitaker

of course I could have your email lost somewhere on this computer so if your on the bottom list just be sure and send again and I will send on to the boss.

Not on either list and you should be, again let me know. Also if you want to join in and it's before the 19th October 2014 then please join the fun. It would be great to crack the 30 mark.