Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Artizan Designs German WWII Infantry

A friend recently came up with an idea of using figures rather than plastic cards to remember our sniper numbers in Advanced Squad Leader. After a few back and fourth ramblings on Gamesquad Heroclix was brought up as to be the perfect base for the figures as you are able to change the number by use of the dial.
I have yet to attach any to these type of bases having for now just attached to Hex bases as I will also offer the option of just painted numbers on the base which I doubt will be popular. The Heroclix will take more work and I need to order more. The original use old versions and I want the new style as they are better for the job. I will get more Artizan as they look really good but plan to mix in with Boltaction Figures as well. These are the first 28mm figures i have painted and I have not painted 25+mm in 20 odd years, seemed like I was painting a barn door.
I really like the animation of the figures, the one on the left is loading his rifle and you can make out the cartridge as he is inserting in the rifle. I have painted them up as 10th Infantry Regiment 'Waffenrock' though I missed off the 10 on the epaulets! These were painted green with white piping and the collar flashes are white with the II painted in silver mixed with grey/white which does not show well which is correct.
I love the face on this guy, it's more the skill of the sculptor rather than my brush work. I used flat steel on such as the helmet edge and the canteen/gas mask etc. to show wear which I was pleased with the results.
A better view of more wear and tear. Also shows off the equipment these guys are carrying, much better than the usual harness only.
It took three painting sessions for the figure and if I had been putting in a full day they would have been done in a single day. Disapointed I did not spot the extra flock before the photo session but it was all loose so came off quick as you like. Next up is casualties for FoG and Impetus followed by 6mm French Hussars and three stands of Macedonian Command. All to be finished by next weekend?

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