Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday 30 September 2023

Bounding Fire Tournament 2023 Prizes

This year the organisers of the ASL Tournament Bounding Fire have decided to broaden the prize table and so went for smaller dioramas with the theme being Allied Minors (in ASL terms). I came up with a couple of ideas and Simon was quick to agree so a nice easy decision and overall things went as planned.

First up was the Dutch Nimbus. This version being a motorcycle sidecar with a MG rather than the more famous anti-tank gun one. I could get the model but not the crew and all previous have been action dioramas so wanted that at least a nod to that.

The model was a ten part kit and being white metal rather tricky to put together put mostly the fits were good. Fortunately lots of photo's on line so was able to use images of restored originals as well as colourised photo's.

Rather strange equipment are modelled but these stand up to checking sources. Plenty of space on the base, originally bought for some 1/35 scale models I have yet to work on but they give these 28mm figures a bit of clout.

The second mini dio depicts one of the famous Polish cavalry charges which often are depicted charging tanks in error.

I bought a five figure pack of these guys so probably will do some of the rest at a later date. I had toyed with putting three on the base but felt it would be a bit too crowded. These are single part 3D printed and the details fine for 28mm but I would not want to scale them up further. Unfortunately two figures arrived damaged, one with the broken part in the package and the other missing a horses leg.

Whilst for the most part I worked in my standard acrylics I used oil paints for the horses to get a better blend from the darker legs etc to the lighter body and the texture and shine you can get with the oils.

Hopefully these will be well received and it's given me an idea for more affordable mini paints that I can add to be sale offer when I sell to the general public. Pieces like these would typically go for £35 including a plaque or £30 without.

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