Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

May Day May Day, The Lead Pile Is Calling

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I started a new job on Monday and it's eating up a ton of time at the moment, though I get Wednesdays off so will be doing some catching up today.

Keeping with the theme of busy through work excuse I slink into my work progress and what with interviews kids being off school and all the prep to start work I have rather let it slide on the painting desk. Not good news given I attended Triples and bought some stash, so it does not look that good when viewed from the point of reduction. 

Baccus have a lot to answer for, with their release of the last new French Napoleonic codes and my buying a big bunch of Ancient Phalanx figures has seen the pile grow by he equivalent of twenty battalions set against the painting of just ten so a PLUS 10 for the infantry.
Cavalry has been my bane in 6mm and I again added to the pile with another ten regiments worth BUT have exchanged or painted enough to keep the same number of excess, that being ten more than when I started keeping count!
Again for command I was hit by the release of My Little Ogre Play Set (Napoleon and friends) has pushed up my command figures by Twenty one, not great news as it was already PLUS eight. The good news is that I will be painting up the little man for Project Waterloo as well as others so I hope to get this back to zero within the nest two months and have no reason to buy any more for some time.
The only other change has been the painting of four buildings leaving me on an eye watering PLUS Twenty Eight!!!

15mm has only gone down each month since December last year with purchases far outweighed by painting well this month saw an increase in cavalry by sixteen figures, 12 for an extra Companion unit and I plan at least one more and figures to add a fourth command stand for my Persians. Hopefully these will be painted up in the next month or two.

28mm is the only other scale to have seen any changes, I have bought another ten figures for roleplaying with the kids (D&D) but did paint up twenty five though this still leaves me on PLUS seventy one.

I would say May has been the worst month for painting in the last 14 or so months. Fortunately my spending has been quite restrained meaning little damage done. However between now and Joy of Six will see me working hard on getting the last bits finished such as the few units I need that were missed on the original OOB and of course the buildings for Leven to go on his trade stand as he will be attending it as his first wargames show. I am also basing up a bunch of trees for our game.

I have twenty regiments of Baccus ACW infantry close to being finished but have put them on hold till I have some of this work done. June will not be a very productive month but it will be a focused one.


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    1. Thanks Stefan, it's going well and lots of fun. Good to be back in retail


  2. Good luck with the new job and the lead mountain

    1. Well the lead mountain is going to suffer for awhile, will get some quality time tomorrow though