Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 19 June 2015

Friday Quiz 2

Thanks for all the answers last week, here is this weeks questions

1. Which siege finally ended the resistance of the Gauls to Roman rule?

2. When was the battle of Sedgemoor?

3. Which British naval officer commanded a squadron of armoured cars in Russian Galicia during the War on Intervention of 1917-19?

Again, if you use sources to answer can you mention which, lets see if we can have another clean sweep.

1. Alesia

2. 6th July 1685

3. Lieutenant-Commander Oliver Locker-Lampson


  1. 1 The Battle of Alesia
    2 1685
    3 I dont know that one

  2. 1) The victorious Roman one. aka the one I've forgotten the name of.
    2) I was going to say the ECW but seemingly that's wrong.
    3) Where's Russian Galicia?!

    I'm now off to find out, using google

    1. :)

      and I thought Galicia was a place only found in Spain! :D

  3. 1) Alesia
    2) Sedgemoor
    3) Was it Harold Alexander?

  4. I know the first 2, but 3's got me stumped!

  5. Cdr Locker-Lampson RN...?
    Source: British Army in WW1: The Eastern Fronts (Osprey)

  6. Great group of answers with Pete getting two of the three first.

    For full discloser I got just the first one and that's because I am reading a book that mentions that just after posting the questions :-)