Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 2 November 2015

I still Need Details..............

I or rather Cath still needs the details of the following people for their participation of Secret Santa.

Roy Williamson
Peter Lowitt

Roy and Peter we need your email address and home address.

I need Brendon Watts confirm his address.

You can supply the information to me via the email request top left of the blog or if you have Cath's e-mail then shoot her an email.

As for the other thirty Cath is ready to roll, that's a lot of rolling and hopefully we will all have our targets in a matter of days.

I suggest those who wish to put together a wish list start thinking about it and then put something on your blog, either a post or a extra page.

Myself, I have been asked by family if I simply want money again or would I be so kind as to give them a list. Seems a good time to put some thought into exactly what I want. The irony is that is right on the back of posting of how I have been a good boy of late and brought down the amount of unpainted lead to less obscene levels, oh well.


  1. emailed a response. Was a bit bit busy recently...sorry. cheers

  2. Whoops! Sorry everyone.
    Email sent with my details attached.
    If it doesn't arrive for some reason, then Chris Stoesen or Edwin King have my postal details if needed.