Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Arena Rex Gladiator

Finally got around to painting up another Red Republic Games figure from the Kickstarter I backed a few years ago. I really do need to get on with these as I really like the figures and it will be great to actually play a few games. 

This figure is Marcus Furius sculptured by Patrick Masson and is a resin 32mm Figure. Whilst the game is mostly based on Roman Gladiatorial combat some of the factions are more at home in a mix of fantasy and mythic genres this figure is actually mostly a historical one.

Not the best photo's really as the detail looks a bit soft but in reality the sculps are very detailed as you would expect from resin. At $17.50 obviously you would expect good quality and Red Republic do deliver.

I continue to base on a plain black base but wanted to be a bit funky so trimmed the shield and stuck it to the base to look like it had been wedged in the sand of the arena, despite the lack of said sand.

Unlike many Kickstarters from fledgling companies Red Republic Games have continued to release more figures to the range growing the possible combinations to the range and looks to be a stable supplier. Having not actually playing the game post playtest I can't really comment on how the rules shake out. Hopefully when I get a fourth figure finished I can give the rules a try, you never know it might even get me painting more of the figures I have waiting to get on the painting table.


  1. That is a cracking figure Ian, impressive work Sir.

  2. Nice job Ian!

    Cant believe you got so much detail painted on a 6mm figure :-)

  3. Great looking figure Ian, if I grew my hair a little longer that figure would look just like me.........