Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Secret Santa and Project Z

A quick mention that Secret Santa is up again, this is the fifth year it has been run and if you run a blog and want in just click here.

I am running a post apoplectic roleplay campaign with our roleplaying group with a bit of a difference. That being the players actually go through the whole breaking down stage. 

It is set many months after Brexit after a fall out with a Trump lead America. American military bases have been reinforced and tensions are high with some British civilians killed in clashes with US troops as demonstrations become violent. 

Things get worse as several cases of Rabies break out across mainland UK. The government acts quickly to contain the outbreaks and whilst this seems to be helping it's not without controversial acts. 

It's at this point that the players have gotten involved. I wanted fairly cheap miniatures to get the game started so opted for a pack each of Warlord Games Project Z survivors. Each player is playing a version of themselves so it's a bit raw when bad things happen. To reinforce this uncomfortable feeling I am painting up their characters to have something in common with the players themselves. I start with what for me is the easiest, James loves his American Football and has worn his Hines Ward shirt almost to tatters.

I went with urban combat trousers as he used to have a pair of rural ones but I felt that urban would look better with the rest of his get up.

The brush work is anything but perfect but supplies a good enough job for me. He even has a Steeler cap on, perfect for a die hard fan that's about to er.. die.

I struggled a bit with putting the figure together and found them much more fiddly than the Gripping Beast Vikings I have put together previously but I am happy with the result so can't grumble.