Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 4 November 2016

Baccus Persian Colonist Cavalry

Rather than going into the painting Challenge at a nice slow pace I do seem to have been getting a few finishes done of late. These Baccus Colonist Cavalry APE21 are no exception. With these I am most of the way through the army pack I bought off them about a year ago(?) not bad at all considering I have been also painting up lots of other figures.

In total I have four units of these guys and all painted up at the same time. I still have two units of Satraps to do and then I will be all done for the Persians, well until I get more which will probably be post challenge as I will be working on the Macedonians and some Nap's in the challenge but you know that means nothing.

I went for a lot of mixed colours for these four. Originally I was going to go rather drab but instead went for a brighter finish.

I even remembered to leave room for the dice cells this time around. Once I get the next two units done that will give me eight units of cavalry. I should get painted up before too long two units of scythed chariots that are cleaned up but awaiting me getting more black primer, as are a few other prepped units.

So I am very happy where I am at with this project. I will need a fair bit more infantry and I have yet to paint up a single command stand (again waiting primer) but these will also get done either on the run up to the challenge or during it. Most likely during as I really want to get some other figures painted up and I have a few units that are already started to be finished before the challenge starts.


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    1. Thanks James, great to see you posting again, those acton photo's look great


  2. Nice Persian chappies Ian :)

    1. Thanks Tamsin, I think I need an army shot ;-)