Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Back in Black

Well it's been awhile again. Whilst I have painted some bits and bobs I have slowed down a great deal I suspect mostly down to not getting a game for , well since last year! However I have started to paint up more but mostly it's either a couple of big commissions or it's just stuff I just wanted to paint with little thought of actually needing too.

The first of the commissions has been for Leven Miniatures and that has got me wanting to paint buildings again and the other is a 28mm dio that I may not be able to show off till about the end of November but has been great fun to paint.

What I have painted has been a mix of 6mm and 28mm Fantasy, I am not even doing anything Fantasy at the moment!

Another big negative was not being able to make Joy of Six this year. All work related as my boss was on holiday and I also had other staff off through sickness. Given that Lee and myself had been getting our armies sorted for a rather large Ancient demo game it was a very big downer. Still we now have a whole year to try and actually play the scenario and get a better grip on the rules. Yes I am trying to polish the turd of disappointment.

Right now I have a bunch of 6mm ECW figures on the bench as I recently bought the To The Strongest For King and Parliament offshoot and having played the demo game have high hopes that these rules will in fact reignite what was once my favourite period. Better still if it does then my old 15mm army can be dusted off and brought back out to play.

My blogging won't get back to the hay day, I just don't have the time, dedication or material but I will try and get it back at least to a fairly regular appearance.