Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 21 October 2011

Creating a Monster

Having bought the rules I wanted to check out the army lists for the army I own (Late Achaemenid Persian) and the one I am working on (Early Successor) and trawling the Internet I finally came across the Osprey site where they have an offer on the army list. A bargain at about £6 so I grabbed a copy. First surprise is looking at the Persian list I could in fact expand my army by rather a lot. Big surprise given that under both 6th and DBM it was almost complete. So maybe in the future I will expand this army still further, need to play it first in case the chance of playing with more troops really is not an option. It does mean though that if I think I have wriggle room for the Persians I have room to swing a cow. It's greatly interesting given the scale I play (15mm) because this could end up really being impressive once all the troops are laid out in their battle groups. But this is not the monster point I was making. Remember Lee from an earlier post, he is a big 28mm fan, I doubt many guys in the UK own more figures than him in this scale. Well after looking at my recent work has got more interested in playing (and building an army!) and just yesterday committed to buying some lead. Fast forward 12 hours and I get a text. He has bought a Macedonian army starter (with extra units) the rules and army list. Now Lee never bothers with anything small so I just know give him 3 months and he will have such a tall led pile I won't be able to see over it. Given that I may well be painting one side of this mountain I'd best take notice.

That on it's own would be enough but I also sold him an electrical 'thing' that he has more use than I and the agreed price is more lead for me. Seems this monster has more than one head! It will be great trying to paint at such a speed as to keep both of us supplied with units ready to play a game. I'm thinking if we combine forces we should have a game sorted in about 4 weeks.

Again if that was not enough I have made contact with Matt, another old opponent and it will be something if his ancient armies want to try new rules (even better if they are already based to go). Now I have a hell of a job re basing all my Persians but such is wargaming.

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