Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Rules Rule RULES!

OK close to the end of my playing days I bought a copy of D.B.M and the army lists. Well I would say a few years before I stopped playing but only right at the end did I base up an army for them (and then sold it one Partisan, many many years ago). Well what I am trying to say is that for Ancients we played 6th Edition and for the Naps a rather poor set of computer rules. The one thing all our rules had in common was that they had scant illustration (mostly line drawings) and cost well not a lot. Now I am back into the painting habit and wanting to use what I do paint I have started the rather difficult job of sorting out rules to play by. This is easier said than done, it seems we have a wealth of rule sets to choose from and each set has fans and detractors.

The first set I purchased was for my 6mm Napoleonic armies. Being able to look at part of them on line and in the flesh at The Other Partisan helped me decide to try them. The rules are fairly straight forward and come in two parts, one for small actions and the main set for really big games. Well having read through them a number of times and tried a few turns I have yet to be convinced they are for me but neither am I put off them. I have an old wargaming friend who was around the other day who hates them having just used them once. The main problem is that they don't really feel over Napoleonic, kind of lacking enough flavour but again it was a basic play and we will see after a few more plays, we hope to get a game in in the next week or so.

Next up was a set of rules for Ancients, Field of Glory has loads of supplements which some see as an evil others look at is as a strength. I saw a copy on E-Bay for a song and saw it as an opportunity. I got the rules yesterday and have had little chance to read them given I have started to paint a 48 figure Phalanx! What I can say though is the style of writing is very much like talking to a child, a small and rather dull minded child but maybe I can come to love that child, who knows? I have though ordered the army list book covering the army I own and the army I am building. I guess I may need to give these rules a good go.

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