Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rebasing and New Painting

Finally got round to getting a few shots of figures that have been finished in the last 6 weeks. If you saw earlier posts I had based my first back to painting figures on cardboard. The bases looked great as long as you ignored the warp! So wanting to do it right I bought and rebased all of the just pained figures. All figures shown are what used to be Chariot Minatures but are now Magister Militum and can be ordered from HERE.

The above picture shows some of the skirmish troops I did first. The bases are great, nice and flat and I still find the end result fine, though some future bases will get the extra treatment of added furniture such as casualties or lost equipment etc. Just have to get past that need to rush to the end feeling. I will also repaint the Thracian shields as they suffered the get to the end itch as well.

The slingers in the foreground are rebased as well, whilst the archers are newly painted and based. Now the slingers one of the cats made off with a half painted figure. I contacted Magister Militum requesting a missing Pikeman and mentioned I had lost the slinger some time ago that was originally bought from Chariot and could he supply both figures and let me know the cost. The nice gent supplied both figures at no cost. He now has received an order for £75. OK so he would have anyway but still it was nice to hit him with that after his great service. Net result is that I will have another base of slingers done as soon as my Phalanx is finished and ready to base.

These guys are a little bit of a mystery. Old Chariot figures that I have not tracked down on the website. I only had the one pack of them and it looks like I will have to wait till next year to see if I can ID them, unless anyone here can point me in the right direction?

Well that's the lot regarding 15mm. I have been working on 48 Macedonian Pike that should be finished over the weekend which I have enjoyed doing but have taken longer than expected. I have a further 96 on the way and could still paint up a further 48 for the lists we are using so I could have quite a project ahead of me. I will have to update my wargames neutral but am pleased to report that the £75 purchase was based on selling stuff and I am well under my expenditure limits. I will start gaining extra credits from painting other peoples figures starting with some 6mm (expected to be Russian 6mm) and rather off at a tangent, rather a lot of Warhammer 40K (expecting Orc's). More on this at a later date.

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