Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Company B decals

Despite already being over budget both on my wargames neutral and actual project I could not resist trying out some of these Decals. Whilst it seems OK to miss out insignia on most of the WWII combatants, the Yanks seem plastered in the stuff. Recently I gave away a bunch of shield transfers as I was determined to paint all my shields by hand. In the case of these guys the detail is so small I gave in. As a test I have bought just one Divisions decals, this being the US 1st Infantry Division. If I can make a go of them I will buy a larger range (assuming I sell the figures in the first place LOL)
I got the decals from a distributor in the UK, this being The Wargames Command Post. Their web site is easy to navigate, has lots of colour pics to help with your choices. The decal range is stunning in it's breadth, not just WWII and they have a nice range of 28mm figures and seem to specialise in American suppliers. Whats more the $ to £ is not the good old bang it on so the price will not make you cough.

Back to the decals, one pack is £4 and the postage was a very reasonable 40p. I ordered these on Thursday, paying via Paypall, got a e-mail yesterday telling me they were in the post and today I received them, just after putting the finishing touches to the figures last night. Really you can't better service than that, so I am hoping I can work the decals well (water slide) and these will add that bit extra to the finished models.

So what did I get for £4?
45 stars and stripes patch,
72 Big Red 1 emblem (not all troops wore the stripes patch)
48 Private stripes,
12 Sargent stripes
16 Higher ranks stripes

so rather a lot for the money, these would stretch much further than I will require but I can see guys wanting other Divisions, so it's a good job a wide range is available.

Once the decals are in place and the figures based (waiting for delivery of these from Lee) I will send off to Curt for the painting contest and then present then here with the Russians. In the meantime I have a Viking to paint up.


  1. Blimey I didn't even know, they made decals like that, I don't envy you putting them on!!!

  2. They even do 20mm!!!!!!!!!

    In fact I have started, they go on surpisingly well, first figure all done, time to do the rest. I held off to wait see the results


  3. OK for a time line, I just added decals to 7 figures in between these two posts, thats 1st Div patch, 6 stars and stripes and 10 rank stripes (two overcoats withoutstripes as many overcoats did not have such

    Nay bad