Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 27 February 2012


This really is a cross post from my other ASL only blog. It can be great to have a project that melts two different parts of the same hobby into one, this is the case with my Sniper project. I must admit though, it's been a challenge to get exactly what I wanted but finally it's fallen into place. Selecting figures was not really too difficult, the original idea was to use sniper figures but I struggled to find figures that looked like I wanted them to. Basically I could buy a pack of 4 figures and use just one from the pack. This just did not float my boat. So I went after just riflemen, well in one of the packs it also came with a LMG so it will be interesting how that one goes down. Mostly I have gone with Artizan so far, but I also have a large number of Boltaction, though I prefer the former. What was far less easy was the picking out of bases and this is the area I have wasted the most money trying to get it right. Originally I was working with the plastic hexagonal base with the numbers painted on. The idea being that the number pointing towards you is the sniper number. This remained the cheap option right up to the end, but the main idea was using Heroclix bases. This had the advantage that they are readily available and can be picked up with a figure on them for around £1 + postage. The first ones I bought were 1st edition that was difficult to turn but would have worked though a little fiddly. Scratch a few quid. Then I ordered what looked like a base twist. I bought 16 of these but it turned out you had to hold onto the figure to turn them and what's more, they were very stiff. Figures would just come away from the base. Scratch £15!!! Only then did I find the Oreo style base, these I could still get at about the same price as long as I did not mind damaged figures (given I was cutting them off, I really did not mind!!) The problem is that the dial numbers did not have the number range I was needing (2-7) so I was going to have to replace the template. Not a major issue as I downloaded templates off the Internet but it's all time and effort. Then I discovered the Warbases casualty markers in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy issue 58. The plinth version of what I am using was being reviewed. Whilst not perfect it was close enough for me and looking on their website I saw the version I have used. The dial has a range of 1-12, plenty more than I need. The dial in fairness is slightly larger than I need but allows plenty of modeling space. the pictures below are of the bases almost finished, tufts need to be added but as I have ran out I need to nip out and get some more. I just have a few done at the bottom of the post.
Americans in greatcoats. Was a bit worried how these would come out, but rather pleased with the end result. You van see the tad for the dial sticking out at 11 O'clock. Simple system but works very well. I will do a full review of it at a later point.
Two 'Yanks' in normal battledress. These show off the decals I was talking about in the above post.The pic does not do them justice but I was in a hurry.
Much better shot. The decals (yes there are two on that arm) are between small and tiny. Company B also do 20mm decals, I don't even want to think about those!! I have painted up the 8 Yanks with a mix of uniform types and colours as they will never be used together.
A couple of Russians in winter padded clothing. I always thought of Russians in the pale brown but it seems the winter gear tended to be green. Must have stood out in the snow real nice. Again the basing needs work as you can see the figure base on the guy kneeling down.
The offensive LMG sniper, but at least he is back in the brown. With an extra mag in it's pouch hanging from his belt and a grenade stuffed in his boot I guess this guy means business.
All 21 painted and ready. Well 20 are ready, number 21 has to wait for a base (on order) and the tufts had not been added to any figures at that point. Below shows the figures from above to show off the numbers. You can also see the tufts which are by Army Painter.

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