Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 14 February 2014

Building of the Week - Blacksmiths Forge and Another Warehouse

Nearly had three buildings finished for you but fell a little short as I really need to work on the Casualty Bonus Round as I have a lot to do on it. Actually if it was not for Lee you would actually only see the one building but I had a fairly long phone conversation with him the other day during which I picked up the warehouse and painted it!!

This building was close to being finished before I downed tools whilst working away so did not take much finishing. Another new Leven Miniatures building that is yet to be released. This is ACW10 Blacksmiths Forge but will stand for any small workshop and fit into many a period or Country.

It's not easy to pick out on the images but I have tried to weather it a fair bit and added a little green to the lower planks to give an ageing effect which works quite well (trust me LOL).

This is quite a tiny building 40mm x 22mm and is a boon for gamers as it has a lot of character to the table especially if you base it up with a few bits I see a wood yard on the horizon.

Next up is a building I have now painted up three times including the original version. You just can't have enough warehousing in a growing town and by industrial quarter will be blossoming. Funny thing is that it has been painted up similar to the last one I did though that one was a little more ran down.

Not that this one is without it's grubby side most of the muck on this one is more subdued though the stains around the doors show this to be well used.

At some point I will have to do a mass basing session but I need to get more of the houses painted up before moving onto doing this. Six of the last eight buildings have been done for Mike rather than our Quatre Bras game so I need to switch into farm building mode as well as more village houses. Not that I will stop doing the new buildings as we still have plenty of time. Indeed apart from adding the darkened area's to the boards to mark out the woods we are about there for QB. Waterloo will need a lot more work obviously and it's getting closer.


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