Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Building Of The Week - Timber Shack by Leven Miniatures.

It's been a tough week just gone, as I mentioned before I was away for the week. Got back late Thursday and have not touched a brush till this morning so I would have something to post about. In a few hours I am off to Frankfurt but will be back Tuesday. Not sure how much time I will have for posting as I have all the work to do on the Casualty bonus round other than a base coat I did week before last. 

Any way onto the main event. Another of the ACW building's, this time it's ACW08 Timber Shack that will soon be released. This one can be used right up to the present day and I do find it easy to see the odd Zombie shambling out of the open corrugated porch.

As you can see this building is raised from the ground and has a corrugated iron roof that I have tried to make lived in rather than new or used up. This building also has the plastic dowel chimney which works a treat.

I think this building is quite functional and has the advantage of multi-era use. I am a big fan of Leven's planking style as it really gives the feel of wood. The dry brushing really picks out this and makes for a fairly quick paint up.

I ran some brown ink into the roofs channels whilst the grey paint was still wet so that t became one with the paint in some area's whilst others it stood on top of the paint to give the effect of building up over a period of time. Mike uses a lot of corrugated effects on buildings such as his railway range which I really like to see though it does not match my periods.

So another fun paint I have one more building close to being finished that will be used for next weeks entry but after that I will be moving onto a few larger buildings that Mike has sent me to paint. I will also be starting to paint the train track layout he sent me a month or more back that will take a few weeks. Meanwhile I need to paint up a few more buildings for the Quatre Bras game planned for the Joy of Six. 


  1. I say that they do look the part and for some reason remind me of the mill in Twin Peaks

  2. That is another great addition for ACW gaming. Very nice!

  3. Nice building Ian. That was a good idea with the roof inking

  4. Very nice, great looking building for ACW!

  5. @ Paul never seen the film though I have owned the game a couple of times (sound investment)

    @ Jonathan, It is indeed, I have two more to show off before I run out

    @ Tamsin, I have to admit it was part inspired and part luck ;-)

    @ Phil, Cheers, I think it has a few other uses as well

    @ Bruno, Thank you it was a nice building to work on