Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 18 April 2014

Building of the Week- Two Normandy Buildings

Another two soon to be released buildings from Leven Miniatures as Mike expands the Northern France - Normandy range of buildings. No other wargames building supplier has such a release rate as Leven and I think they just might have the largest range available in 6mm

NOR12 is a rather large twin housing block and is quite a diversion from my usual style of painting as it's mostly pastel pink and has none of the usual grubbiness about it. That was quite a challenge I can tell you.

The Bank Holiday sun is bleaching the walls a little on the side but you get the idea. I am starting to think maybe I should have painted the wood work on one half the building different to the other to show it as two dwellings in one but despite that I am overall pleased.

Gamers eye view and it looks nice and solid. It took longer than I expected, mostly down to the window frames and my painting in the inner frames.

NOR11 is a detached Normandy house and is rather blocky but with the shutters and the rather interesting roof it's a nice model to add to the table. Indeed with the Normandy range now standing at 12 buildings with plenty of others that fit the area the WWII 6mm wargamer has lots of choice and these buildings again can be used for earlier periods and can be used for pre trench war in WWI a period Baccus have recently moved into.

The house is not quite as loud as it looks on the images, though it is rather blue. Hope Mike likes it or I van see a repaint coming my way. Have I mentioned the roof? I really like that.

The two buildings side by side to give you an idea of scale. I am hoping Mike will make a few more buildings in this range as I think they will benefit from a couple of variations so as to make building small towns that bit more varied but keeping similar traits between them.

Both roofs are not just typical slate or tile roofs but look to be leaded. I choose to do them in a fairly new or recently renovated finish. I wonder what they will look like after the Allied Arty has softened them up?

Almost street level shot, here I have some of the new Baccus cavalry moving into the street looking for digs for the night.


  1. Bank holiday sun, now there's a phrase you don't get to write that often Great job Ian.

    1. Yes, will we get it for the whole weekend though?

      Maybe if I paint more buildings?