Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 25 April 2014

Roleplaying - The Story So Far

Children of the Light
A few months ago I promised to write up a bit of a history of the roleplaying campaign I am running but never quite got round to doing so. Below is a bullet point catch up I did for the players after a month or so's break. It should give you an idea of what happened and I hope to keep events logged here from time to time. The world is a mix of Middle Earth and Wheel of Time and set deep in the fourth age and starts late summer in the north above the Trollshores.

The merchants convoy you were guarding was attacked.
1. You was not aware of the cargo of the ten wagons as all closed up and you was discouraged from getting too close.
2. You felt yourselves separate from the other guards and drovers 
3. When attacked the drovers fought just like the guards and fought well not surrendering and seemed to be all killed (it was dark so you can not be sure)
4. The bandits also fought very well, to the point of being well trained and well disciplined, odd for bandits.

Village of Ragnar and the Cave of Selija.
1. You agree to look for a fugitive of justice who you track down at the cave of Selija. 
2. Orc's (known from fairy tales) inhabit the cave, you fight and kill them freeing the fugitive who goes back to the village with you.
3. Whitecloacks (Children of the Light) enter the village read a proclamation that requires all demi-humans to register at each village or town they pass through or be named Darkfriends.
4. The village elder hides you and you escape north.

Salt Pits.
You stumble across Paco and his family who you help evict Troglodytes from the salt pits.
Paco offers you salt in way of reward, he needs to mine it so come back in a few days

Lords Manor.
1. You come across the local Lords Manor but find the people either doing minor duties as if asleep or lying dead on the floor where they have slumped overcome by hunger or injury.
2. All living are malnourished and close to death. Any attempt to revive them ended with death. One had scrubbed the bristles off her brush and then skin off her fingers cleaning the one spot.
3. You learnt that they were under the spell of Compulsion, an evil spell not used since the Forsaken were defeated and sent to their unearthly prison.
4. Lord of the Manor found dead, scrawled on paper were the words "The Forsaken are coming" over and over
5. A cellar was found and investigated. To one side of this wine cellar a tunnel had been dug to what was a way gate. 
6. Through the way gate it was discovered that Trolorc's (things of nightmares) were travelling and a fight you were lucky to survive broke out.
7. Isabella Sadi used high magic to help save you and fought a Fade that you could not defeat. She told you to make your way south to the town of Mar-Goraff where she would try and make contact with you. Told you to go to the inn called the Three Sails and let the Bar Mistress know you were sent by Istread DaValour.

Return to the Salt Pit.
1. Your trip back south took you through the woods and back to the Salt Pit. Paco took you in for the night, it had started to snow.
2. The snow is coming from the south. Snow normally comes from the North from the frozen sea's but not for two to three months. It never comes from the south at any time.
3. Goblins (more folk from the fables) attack in the night. So many that you were being over run
4. Paco's wife Gwen turns a few heads as the clumsy farmers wife type kills a number of Goblins with throwing knives with blades shaped like leafs. The blades are coated in a nerve poison that kills on drawing blood.
5. She gives herbs to all healing everyone's wounds.
6. She goes into the night only returning in the morning with a couple of minor cuts though you had heard lots of crys (pain, fear and anger) from all quarters at different points. Obviously tired she still seems ready to continue the fight
7. Whilst she is gone Paco struggles with the idea his wife is not quite what he thought. Turns out that she tuned up about five years ago and became Paco's wife after a short courtship. Saiben is Paco's son from his first marriage his wife dying nearly seven years ago after falling ill when a disease had spread through the area. Saiben became ill but got better whilst Paco was fine never getting sick.

1. Met by mounted City guards and escorted to safety.
2. Once in the City lose site of Paco and family
3. Go to the Tavern as instructed.
4. Guards are being killed and their uniforms and weapons taken.
5. Red Haired women are being abducted around the city, the red head barmaid disappears when out collecting vegetables from the market.
6. Another is wrapped in a carpet and being taken to a wagon when two of the party come across them, a fight breaks out but two escape with the girl whilst one of the party is saved from death my Isabella Sedi.
7. One of the drovers from the convoy thought to be dead, is seen in fine clothes and takes a great interest in the south gate. Meets another at a tavern, money passes hands and they part. Drover goes to a guarded Guild House.
8. See Paco's son on way to slave market and buy him taking him back to the Tavern. Found dead hours later, killed by a nerve poison.
9. Snow becomes blizzard like and the city is surrounded by Orc's and other dark creatures.

That's where the players will pick up the game, they have several hooks to follow, all fleshed out and ready to roll so it's really down to them.

A quick note, the Cave of Selija and Salt Pit are both bolt on mini adventures from Tim at Gothridge Manor the first as a free download and the other from his excellent zine The Manor which is well worth getting. Each issue has something you can use is many a roleplaying setting.


  1. Interesting Ian, will follow this keenly

  2. Had an interesting session the other night though Lee brought the combat to a very early end, always good when a pivotal bad guy gets the dirt nap at least four sessions earlier than expected LOL