Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Leven Miniatures Buildings Fachwerkhaus Finished for Joy of Six

So in seven days time I should be home, totally cream crackered but I hope basking in the warm glow of a demo game gone well. This is the last building to be painted for the game, not that it is sure to get used but I expect it will somehow make the table.

After the show at some point it along with others will be based so it can take it's place in my town. I am also picking up over thirty more buildings at the show some of which will find their way onto the blog fairly quickly as they are small and easy to work on and will add to my farm tiles I have planned.

I wanted this building to look worn but not wrecked. The idea is that it is fairly well looked after but simply was fairly old. It will be one of the buildings in the buffer zone between the more run down section of town and the merchants quarter.

This is a fairly large building that Leven sell for just £2.50 and because of this I have around eight of the two versions painted up and another seven awaiting paint! I also have two of the next building in the series on order so expect to see these fairly soon as well.

Building of the week will be back in a few weeks once I have myself all sorted and ready for more building work. I really need to clear my desk of some of the projects taking up space and sapping my time. Of course having seven of these complex buildings on my paint desk may be another reason I have delayed getting more done.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, looking forward to a group shot once I have them onto bases


  2. Excellent painting and another excellent offering from Leven Miniatures.

  3. Over on Perfect Six forrum Mike has said he wants to improve the windows in the dorma's but I think it's good as is.

    Great buildings are his strength


  4. A beautiful building - very well painted.

    Thanks for posting the image.