Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 18 July 2014

More Law and Order

Whatever western setting you have, you always need more Law, so my son gets welcome reinforcements with these dudes. Certainly makes a change from all the six mill I have been working on for the weeks before.

I think these are all Deadmans hand figures, would have to check with Dave D to be sure but I really like the poses, especially the two in bowler type hats and I felt those two really work well together.

I went for quite a dark look on these guys as it felt right, sometimes the Law is not as nice as you would want it to be and the first two look especially so to me. Went for a mostly brown look to this guy and I have a feeling that he is just noticing a threat just behind to his right. Will he react in time?

Not the best day for a lawman perhaps? New figures to use will I am sure give rise to more demand to play a game, this won't be over the weekend due to other events but I am betting by the end of next week blood will have been spilt.

I used a mix of washes and shading to get the results and though you can't tell the buttons did get a bit of a colour change. 

Here we actually have a figure pointing his gun at the bad guys. Again I really like the look of the figure, the pose and that long coat really work for me.

I also love the hand cannon, nothing subtle about that one! Long hair on the good guys? what a scruffy bunch they are.

And then the Boss, I am guessing he could do the job on his own, no need for the deputies but hay he may want a day off sometime.

So that's another three for the good guys making ten for my Son. I also have painted up another three for my Daughter which I will post about after all the 6mm madness of the weekend.


  1. Looking good! I like the Boss in his white hat.

  2. Lovely job Ian.. Yes. They were DMH .. You gotta love a guy in a white hat...send me some pictures against a white background I will do you some cards.

  3. Great looking sculpts. I like that deep, rich brown.

  4. Thanks all of you sorry too hot, too tired and too hot to reply to each of you as I should.

    Dave I will get them sorted when I have a moment, thanks for ths