Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

2nd Silesian Landwehr by Adler Finished

Another three Landwehr battalions finished and again they are Adler Miniatures. This will probably the last Prussian's I do for a while, too many other projects that need my time. That said, as soon as I get the urge I will paint a few more up, after all it's not like I am short of figures.

The 2nd Silesian Landwehr was another regiment of the IV Corps that did not take part in the battle of Waterloo despite this being the most engaged Corps of the whole army. No worries as I will find some use for these at some point.

I could not face cutting all the figures off their bases and sticking them on one at a time so I put this unit in a three deep column, even inserting a mounted officer into the front line.

I used three flags that were the same for this regiment, it's a pain not really knowing which flags (if any) they carried but at least these are attributed to some Silesian units.

The second battalion look brighter but it's just the sun popped out for a few seconds. After well over a thousand sets of straps painted on 6mm figures I am starting to feel comfortable with the task. I can even say I no longer hate painting reigns on horses, though having twelve regiments on my painting desk waiting for that very job could change that again.

The 3rd battalion feeling a little homesick brought along a tree from home. OK not from home but from Leven Miniatures who will be selling them fairly soon. Lee occasionally adds trees to his bases but it's not something I have been too fond of but I do like the result so might start to do it more often.

The next 6mm I will be doing for myself will either be ECW to keep company the ones I am about to start for Lee or it will be the next two pike blocks I plan for my Ancient army. 

None 6mm I have a few Zed's awaiting attention, a 15mm Pike Phalanx and another of Hoplites for my Macedonian and Persian armies respectfully. I have figures for another two pike blocks after those so I hope to get all these done before deciding if I will also go for more for BIG battles.


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    1. Thanks Tamsin, soon I will be doing something bigger for sanities sake :-)


  2. Very nice one again Ian. Right up to your usual cracking standard.

    1. Cheers Michael, I have painted up a few of these so am rather practised LOL


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    1. Thanks Phil, now painting something red.....