Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 27 April 2015

Hanoverian Infantry Baccus

With Salute knocking on the door I wanted to get as much of Steve's Waterloo units painted up ready to be delivered. OK I was not at Salute but Steve was and whilst there he would be picking up the rest of his infantry from Baccus so I wanted to clear the decks. 

These six battalions will add to the two Hanoverian battalions I have painted up and will complete all the Hanoverian's I need to paint for Steve's Waterloo game. This is the Penalty Landwehr Battalion and as all the other infantry I need/ed to paint is part of the reserve. The flags used are all generic as no record seems to be available for any of the reserve Battalions.

The Osterode Landwehr have green facings but the drummer like many Landwehr is dressed in red rather than in the facing colours. Indeed it's just like painting the British but with only on flag.

Muden Landwehr, the sun was rather bright so has bleached the images a little. Steve had a mix of shako types which I think suit the Landwehr. I had planned to snipe some of the shako's off but on close examination I decided not to as they are attached to the muskets and did not want to risk breaking them off. 

Hildesheim Landwehr, I found I could paint them up at a reasonable rate but that still was relatively slow as they are fiddly. I do like the look of them though, I still have to do skirmish stands and the highlanders so will get more practise at the British. Then I have to start my son's, should get round to them in the next couple of weeks but want to finish two rather large units forst.

Verden Landwehr, the last four battalions have Baccus flags whilst the first two are an unknown range picked up off E-Bay a few years ago amongst a load of other flags and mixed bag of figures. The Baccus win the best flags this time around for the rather more colourful flags. The sheet was part of that e-bay lot and I used the Brunswick flags just the other day. I have had to use them with a fair bit of guesswork as the sheet that says which flag is for which Battalion.

Luneburg Landwehr and the final battalion I have on hand, I have also painted up eleven regiments of British cavalry for Steve though that may well not be for Waterloo. In hand I just have the artillery, limbers and generals which I will get to after a rest from 6mm but should get to them towards the end of the week or early next week. I've been quite productive but started to stall now as I have twenty five 28's under the knife, file and pin vice and it's tough sledging. 


  1. More mini loveliness Ian,
    Very impressive and very tempting!!!

    1. Thanks, would it be Napoleonic's you would go for?