Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Commands & Colors Russians AAR

I took over to Lee's the Commands & Colors Napoleonic set allowing him to pick which we played. No surprise that he choose the Russian expansion and so out came the bits. The idea was to show how the game it self played out seeing as we were using some of the combat system in our rules.

I played as the French and had the advantage of having played this scenario already with The Boy, would this help though?

View from the Russian side. No matter which side I look at it from it looks grim for the Russians. The Russian mod allows the Russian player to roll dice in most scenarios before it starts that allow some units to be reinforced or possibly fortifications to be set up.

Lee quickly drove in my right flank but in doing so weakened his cavalry but for now at least made the town safe from my attack.

A couple of turns later though his cavalry was ruined and I had thrown the Russians out of the town. Unfortunately I was not really in position to support my success.

My left flank just sat most of the game watching the battle develop. It can be frustrating when your not getting the cards to get an attack going, worse though when you run out of cards mid attack. Planning is so important in this game.

In the end I was stripped of troops on my right and with the victory hexes safe in Russian hands as well as victory banners for French units removed Lee won a comfortable victory.

Lee enjoyed the game so we went with scenario two, but that's another story.


  1. Interesting report Ian. I like the look of Command and Colours but never tried it...

    1. It's one of those that you will either enjoy or be annoyed dependant on how you like the movement and combat systems