Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday Quiz 15

Ran out of time to set up a quiz for today, that's what becomes of playing games two days on the trot I guess.

1. What has women's fashion shoes and medieval warfare got in common?

2. What European war started in 1756?

3. What was the XYZ Affair, starting in 1793?

4. Who were the Confederados?

5. What was the last country to declare war on Germany in WWII?

6. As a bonus question, how many countries declared war on Germany in 1945?

Answers after the weekend, possibly as late as Tuesday.

Or possibly Saturday the following week!!!! It's been a really busy week but here is the answers at last

1. The Stiletto shoe was named after the long thin medieval knife.

2. The Seven Years War

3. Frances response to a new treaty between England and America that lead to three French agents sent by Talleyland stating to see Talleyland the American delegates would need to pay a heavy bribe then supply France with a large loan. When the report was written the French agents names were replaced with X, Y and Z.

4. Southern troops that left American to settle in Brazil.

5. I also thought Brazil had that honour (they were the last to declare war on the Japanese) but Germany's prior ally Finland on 3/4/1945

6. A total of ten countries turned up to kick Germany when it was down. Not very sporting that.


  1. Without looking anything up:
    1) Stiletto (spiky heel shoes; dagger)
    2) the Seven Years War

  2. 1) Stiletto
    2) SYW
    3) undeclared war between USA and Republican France. John Adams instrumental in stopping all out war.

    1. All three correct though I was looking for the XYZ connection but failing to make that clear in the question. :-)


  3. 4) Confederate immigrants in Brazil (or ancestors of)

  4. Replies
    1. Got you with that one, as above it was Finland though Brazil was the last country to declare war on an axis country.