Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Prussian SYW Infantry by Lancashire Games

My third entry for the painting challenge was back to the SYW with these two battalions of Prussians supplied by Lancashire Games

The basis for my army is the army that invaded Saxony at the start of the war. As such I have plenty of scope for what units to paint as the army was rather on the large size.

The 23rd Regiment Forcade de Biaix sports the usual red cuffs and turnbacks and was originally raised May 1713 and commanded throughout the war by Froedrich Quirin von Forcade de Biaix.

I have already painted up this regiments grenadiers as the converged 1/23rd so could in theory use the full regiment at times when it was fully fielded as a whole.

The second battalion belongs to 17th Regiment von Manteuffel which sports a most colourful standard I just had to paint it up. Raised 8th March 1693 and saw action in the east mostly against Turkish troops.  It was only incorporated into the Prussian army in 1714 after serving in the Dutch army during the War of the Spanish Succession. The commander throughout the whole SYW was gerd Heinrich von Manteuffel.

I have yet to paint up the grenadiers for this regiment, these were joined by the 22nd regiments grenadiers so they will be on the table at some point along with the 22nd regiment itself.

I will be finishing off basing my Santa Clause tomorrow which means I will now have enough painted units to play a full game without bare lead. I think Lee is at the same point whilst Matt has been there for years.