Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 6 January 2017

Santa Clause Gets Based

I was basing up my next entry in the challenge so took the opportunity to get these based up as well. I received these great looking figures as part of the Santa Clause. I wanted to get them based as soon as I could so happy to add them to the 6mm basing session Wednesday night Thursday morning.

These are Lancashire Games again and the same as the two other Cuirassier regiments as I have painted up so fit in perfectly. The amusing note that came with them informed me they are the 9th Prinz von Schonaich Carolath Cuirassiers and hoped I did not own them already. Well I did not so again a great fit for my army. 

The hand painted flag is great. I use paper ones because I don't have the skill to do such a good job so really happy to keep this fine example of skill.

So now I have three regiments of the heavies, just one painted Dragoon and with the regiment Lee game me two hussars (more on these next post). This means I have a viable force of painted figures for a first game. That's ten months after the first figures were bought. Not at all bad, I also have two dragoon regiments about to be started so will have quite a cavalry force to choose from. More infantry needs to be painted soon I think.

So again a big thank you to my Santa Clause, your a top man and these will get plenty of time on the table