Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 23 December 2011

Armies on the March

These are the last figures I painted before the Challenge began on the 20th. I just did not get the chance to set them up for Cath to do her stuff. First up are the Macedonian Companion Cavalry. I had a total of twelve of these fellows when I started painting them and now have another twelve that I will try to match up some time after painting up the figures I have lined up already. I have also started to try out the Tufts, these are The Army Painter Swamp Tuft and whist £4 a pack seems expensive you can get a lot out of a pack.

The figures are Chariot, supplied by Magister Militum in 15mm, this has always been my favorite supplier as by and large they are well detailed and fairly free from flash. Some of the more recent though have not been as fresh but still good. The problem with zooming in like this is that they look like they are holding telegraph poles.

All twelve with slimmer looking lances and with the flash the colours come out more true. These as before are based to Field of Glory so are 3 figures to a base. I have 4 bases out of a possible 6 in the standard army but the rest will come into use in the other Successor armies. I also have waiting their turn the Agema and have finished waiting final touches the Prodromoi light cavalry with lance that I really want to get on to the table top.
So what could possibly stand up against these? Well when I paint something new I have been rebasing something old, so here is the Persian HC.

These will sit along side about the same again so it's fair to say that at this point the Companions are a little outnumbered.
Anyone having read other recent posts will also be aware that I was painting up some new Saka and Skythian light cavalry. These were shown off unbased recently but have been also based up. Seems they know a good thing when they see it and have joined the Persians.

Not to bad, the twelve new Saka have been added to the previous figures and the whole lot had a bit of a spruce up. I now have more Skythian bow armed cavalry than I will be able to use in any list except the Parthian which is already taken. Maybe I will sell off the extra once I am all sorted for what I will need, especially as well errrrr, you see............ I have been given yet more of them! More on that in a later post but lets just say I have enough Pike for any Macedonian army.

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