Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Of Mice and men

OK OK I stole the title, but it does seem kind of right. Blog hopping as I do I found on one of my favorite blogs details of a painting competition I could enter and not only that but possibly hold my head high. No not a contest you have to be blind to join but one that is not based on quality of painting but amount you paint! Whilst I am not too shabby with my painting I am not in the league of some of the guys who run blogs so this contest was of interest. With a little digging I son wound that a friendly rivalry was going between not just this great blog I follow but another I really like as well. Great, I can have some of that! So over I go to the blog Analogue-Hobbies to check it out only to find it in the process of accepting the last entry. A quick sign up attempt and e-mail to confirm interest and lucky me I got in (20th entry). Well one more guy from Spain got in behind me so now we have 21 and that will be it.

The idea is that we have to paint as many figures as possible between 20th December and 20th March with points assigned based on size and a little fudging by the Judge for any reason he feels apply, which is reasonable enough given the shenanigans we wargamers are known for. Also we have to paint one of his figures for him, in this case a viking which I will look forward to doing for sure. The rules are fairly straight forward, figures can be cleaned and primed but no painting should have been started and have to be finished, that is based to count. We just send in a pic or three as we complete our figures and basically rib each other silly (well that's my plan). So since the joining I have been painting myself silly, after all I was about half way into 12 Saka horse archers and have 34 to base as well as a few Persian HC, well these are now all painted and the start of basing has been done. This time tomorrow they will be done and dusted.

Good Luck to my opponents and I am sure when the paint settles we will have all had the most fun and nearly as important a few more figures painted than otherwise.


  1. Good luck with the competition sir.....

  2. Good Luck to you as well my man, I think the Brit coontingent will be throwing a fair few figures at this don't you? LOL

  3. Yep, Good luck in the compo, as long as I beat that ugly mug The lurker, my xmas wish will come true!!!

  4. Now everyone will know the two blogs I hold high and who is in the scrap LOL

    I have two major projects to get beaten down, the biggest is the Ancients, the £75 of 15mm lead picked up at Reading is yet to be touched and my 6mm Naps still needs over 1000 figures painting and soon after the comp it's Triples :-)

    I should have a bunch of Warhammer to paint as well but does this count towards the points?



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