Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 4 December 2011

French Dragoons Enter The Battle

I like many have a tendency not to like painting horses and 6mm horses are no better, well were no better. Seems the time since I last painted horses and now I have grown to not really worry about it. Better still when it came to painting these guys I actually enjoyed it, possibly the time pressure being much reduced and the expectation of using them in a coming game have all added to the fun, whatever I have to say I enjoyed painting these and have 2 regiments of Hussars on the table waiting their turn. Above is the 19th Dragoons all ready for action

The figures are 4 Regiments of Baccus and 2 of Irregular Miniatures I had left over. I will compare them towards the end of the post.

All six regiments lined up on a hill awaiting orders to fight their first battle. Until now all I had finished was the five Hussars and six Lancer units, still got to paint up the Cuirassiers and for these I have 4 each of Baccus and Irregular so they are some way back on the list as in a pinch I can use some of the Prussians if really forced.

Two of the Baccus Regiments, the 19th and the 28th Dragons. I have painted the collars, turnbacks and rolls (over the ammunition boxes to the rear of the saddle) to fit specific Regiments. France had rather a lot of these Regiments so I have plenty to go at when I expand further.

The 23rd managed to get in the frame twice, this time sharing with the 13th. The 23rd is one of the two Irregular units.

Now the 23rd share the stage with the 30th, both Irregular which means the only time the 7th gets in on the photo shoot is the compare pics below, oh well at least they will get Battle shots.

Compare the Dragoon.Com. On the left we have the Irregular and the right Baccus. The Baccus are to start off slightly larger and more filled out figure which helps to give more detail to the figure. Also what needs mentioning the Irregular are somewhat old castings I have had for 15+ years whilst the Baccus were probably cast in the last few months. This in fact favours the Irregular because their molds unless replaced in the last few years were showing their age and I know at least one guy who has taken figures back to them after buying them at a con due to the heavy flash and poor detail. Still £ for £ they are really a great price but even looking at the price of Baccus since the price rise they are a fair price for what you get.

The Irregular being on a base of 4 figures facing forwards means both the sculpting and painting options are reduced. The feet of Irregular horses are all joined together whilst the Baccus are 4 legged creatures and what's more they stand on their own 4 feet! This also means that when basing they are nice and regimental, lovely straight lines and all. Great if that's what you want, not so good if you like a more realistic wave line. Talking of Regimental, the lack of any pose other than musket raised leaves me a little cold. No Trumpeter, no Officer, no character and that's where they really start to lag behind for me. Then add the extra detail of Baccus (some of the detail on the Irregular is painted on where it is obvious on the Baccus figure forcing you to include it. It was a joy to paint them, glad I don't have 20+ regiments to paint at a time as they really do demand the attention and pay you back in spades for the effort.

So is it worth the extra money for Baccus? Yes on almost every level is my answer. Sure if you are starting out and you get the better cast Irregular it's a start and can help decide if 6mm Naps is for you. Painted weel like my Prussians then really they are as good as you will ever need, but not as good as you may ever want. Of course if you can start with a small force and work your way up I would say skip Irregular as you may well find yourself replacing what you have spent the time and money painting, whats more don't expect a good return on selling them as most are on the Baccus wagon and those that are not are as much Adler as any other.

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