Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 4 December 2011

More from Mr Postman and other stuff.

I bid and won a couple more E-Bay lots. These are a pair of Heroics and Ross wagons in 6mm for my Naps which are under the rules I am using at the moment are no more than battlefield furniture but were such a bargain I just had to go for it. These are already undercoated and if I had not already painted a bunch of horses would have been done straight away, but they remain on the painting table so may jump the cue yet.

The other item I bid and won was 12 Saka 15mm Horse Archers that I got for a little over the price of one pack. These are great looking miniatures. I needed just two more figures to complete my Persian LC allowance and as I have just de-based the rest of them ready for conversion to FoG I will paint all 12 up and mix in these figures with the rest giving me a yet more varied group. This is great as I already have about 6 different figures and with a few conversions already in place I will have 10 different poses over 24 figures. This will leave me with 5 bases more than I need which I will hold onto for now but possibly sell on or trade them off for other unpainted led.

E-Bay. Well the slingers were watched by 6 guys but none of them bid on them so they go to the back of the cupboard until the next convention and may well try to get rid on the bring and buy, shame as at £7 starting bid I had hopes to off load, anyone want them for that, just get in touch.

Met a couple of friends yesterday in London, one on his way back home to Australia, he very nicely gave me a Napoleonic board game that he picked up in Paris. Not only does it look a good game that I will try out in the coming weeks but I have to come up with a scenario for my Naps game with Barry and this game may well supply some inspiration for the game. Double value that one.

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