Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Building of the Week Timber Shack and Block House

Yes a double header this week. These are two of the new buildings that Leven Miniatures are previewing on their Website. Both are also part of a fairly large expansion of the ACW range which should be very welcome news to some of my followers.

Lets start with the Timber Shack (ACW07) this has a covered area leaving the entrance in shadow (it was REALLY raining so took the shots on my painting desk). It's an all wood affair and a reasonable length running at 48mm and has lots of angles.

I don't see many uses for this building outside of America so have no plans for buying any of these for myself (these are being painted up for Mikes own use). However it's a nice building to work on.

As you can see it's full of interesting angles and also a new feature, that of a plastic (?) chimney that allows it to be a nice thin round piece that will not break off as would a resin piece would of the same thickness.

So another good looking building for Leven to add to the range and one that I suspect will see a lot of sales. Indeed Leven have been very busy this last few months and I have a lot os their farm buildings and outbuildings to buy during this year.

The roof shot gives you an idea of the different aspects this building has. I would love to see a farmhouse in stone with the same format, especially one clearly showing different stone work so it would look to have been extended. 

The Blockhouse (ACW06) by comparison is by definition a rather square, there is not a lot you can do with a square block like structure but still Mike manages to inject the required feel he has in all his buildings and again whilst it's not a building I will be adding to my collection it's still a good looking piece, just the wrong wars for me.

The other two sides are a repeat of the none door side to the point they have the windows all in the same positions but the timber work is not identical. Sure a small detail but it makes such a difference.

Here we have both buildings for scale. I can't be sure when Mike will release the buildings but I am thinking it could be as early as February. I have four more buildings from this range at various stages of painting and hope to have them all finished and on the blog over the next two weeks. I then have the other buildings that Leven will be releasing to do and will try and get all of the on the blog over the next six or so weeks which has got me thinking. Well we all like a challenge so I am considering trying to get 100 buildings all painted in 2014, what do you think, can I? Should I? As always at the start, it seems a good idea to me.


  1. Now see you are looking at then in the wrong light they are meant to say I dont have any figures for these lovely building so I will now be starting a collection for the wars in america ;)

  2. Always at the start it's a brilliant idea. That said, I see you being able to do it.

    How come not needed outside of the US?

  3. A 100 buildings in a year good God man are you mad? They do look good

  4. The ACW building is perfect! I want a few of these.

  5. Nice buildings Ian. I agree with Loki though - you should be planning what shinies from Baccus to buy for gaming ACW, AWI, FIW....

  6. some other very nice buildings !
    excellent paint work as usual !

  7. @ Andrew, LOL, please stop I have far too much lead and in two weeks time I get even more!!!!!!

    @ Happy, Over the next three weeks all I can do is tread water but after that I want to catch up.

    Why outside US? They are typically American style buildings and not found in other countries so if I don't fight in America I won't have use for them.

    @ Paul, well put like that.... I have five buildings all part painted from this weeks lot so it's only reasonable to think I can do 100, I think. That's about £250 worth, that's not as much as I would have thought!

    @ Jonathan, Click on the link, I think you will see even more you will want to take home ;-)

    @ Tamsin, I am happy to paint up the odd Union Infantry pack from time to time but other than that I am happy steering clear of these periods as I have more than enough on LOL

    @ Sam, Thanks, the buildings make it far easier to produce the results I aim for


  8. I'm always surprised that these little house have such nice details! And you excellent brushwork finish it!