Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Chatter Behind The Bike Sheds - A Pause for Thought?

Random archive picture from 2013

I don't normally stay up for New Year, indeed I did not stay up for it this year so much as stayed up watching a film. Our only acknowledgement of the passing of the year was to moan about the fireworks (you have to love the mix of booze and fireworks). However I think it's inevitable whilst painting that you cast your mind over the year if you spend four plus hours just prior to watching that film painting figures ;-)

Last New Years I was still off work sick and not really seeing any change happening soon though I was aware I had turned the corner so I am really grateful I recovered enough to take up work and again and though it's been so very challenging at times I have held on and my hopes and expectations of 2014 are so much higher than it was for 2013.

I have found myself in the strange position that I have much less time to do hobby related activities but still manage to keep this blog well updated and still get a fair amount of stuff off the painting desk, indeed look at the numbers.

28mm Infantry Twelve
28mm Animals Three
25mm Infantry Ten
28mm Roleplay Infantry Four
15mm Mounted Forty
15mm Infantry Two Hundred and Five
6mm Guns Fifty One
6mm Crews Members One Hundred and Two
6mm Limbers Six
6mm Mounted Four Hundred and Thirty One
6mm Infantry Two Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Three

Not at all bad to say three quarters of that period have included being at work. I wonder how this year will shape up, I have to admit I think I will drop off in the 6mm but watch for the 28mm to jump up.

Project Waterloo and Quatre Bras were new for 2013 and have certainly been kept on track, even if Lee has enough Russian's to fight Borodino! Waterloo has a lot of work but it's more than achievable.

This has been at the cost of all other scales especially the 15mm Ancients which has stalled right up to the Painting Challenge where it has at last started to get attention again.

Playing games has been a disappointment from sheer numbers played but the quality is much up on the past though FoG games fell way off but that changed a few days ago when I played Lee for the first time in a age, the AAR will follow soon as well as some more games I hope.

I also backed two kickstarters (my first) in 2013 both should land this year with Baker Company expected first. This indeed will influence my painting a great deal beyond my commitments to 6mm. 2014 the year of the 28 seems to be the catch phrase.

Expectations for 2014.
1. Close Out Project Quatre Bras finished and put on one demo at least (booked) as well as play it out in the full.
2. Get Project Waterloo to a point it's almost finished so we can go into 2015 ready to rumble
3. Paint up the Western Figures so I can play some games with my kids and if all goes well, invest in more figures and a few buildings
4. Paint up enough of my 15mm Romans to be able to play at least one game in 2014
5. Paint up enough of my Winter War 28's so as to be able to play a game and have sold enough figures to fund the next Baker Company Kickstarter
6. Get plenty of by Burning Skies Planes painted to get games in.
7. Play more, and play as varied as possible, I want every army to get use in 2014

Plenty more things to do and want but those are the top seven I can think of right now.


  1. Sounds like a good year overall, and the bonus of your feeling better. I have a few cowboy spares lying around. I really do have more than enough painted now , give me a shout if you want your lead/resin mountain topping up gratis... Hmm actually maybe we should run a bloggers swap shop!

  2. A great year Ian look forward to the year ahead with you

  3. Happy New Year mate and hope 2014 is an even better year!

  4. Sounds like you had a good 2013 Ian. Let's hope that 2014 is even better. :)

  5. Happy New Year from Darwin, Australia.

  6. Impressive painting results for 2013 Ian, looking forward to seeing what you do in 2014. Thanks for all your helpful comments over the past few months.

    P.S. Where are you planning to demo the Quatre Bras game?

  7. @ Dave, that sounds great and very generous though I think I need to get these painted up and see how they react to the game though I doubt they would not want to play again and again and.......... :-)

    Swap Shop is a great idea, really a extension of the wargames currency

    @ Andrew and right back at you. This year will have more variety

    @ Andy, Thanks and the same to you. Will you make Blackpool this year? I am hoping too.

    @ Tamsin, lets hope so, looks to be a good Analogue Challenge for you and I hope to finish close to you so happy to see the distance your putting in.

    @ The Kiwi, Happy New Year, hard to believe it's still only the 2nd here in blighty

    @ Peter, the show we have booked is The Joy of Six at Sheffield, details on the Baccus website. Really need to discuss with Lee what other options we have. Would love to do Partizan as it's notoriously a 28mm show so would be good to show what is possible.

    The Waterloo game will not travel the following year, instead we plan to live in Lee's game room for a week or three ;-)


  8. Happy new year have a fab 2014

  9. Happy New Year Vinnie, looking forward to more of your work this year