Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Santa Clause Wot I Gave

I don't see Santa Clause in the same light as Secret Santa so I am happy to spill the beans on who was my victim. I was a little perturbed when I was given Fran, or the Angry Lurker as my target, thanks babe. I spent a fair bit of time going through Fran's blog before deciding what to buy and paint. I decided Si-Fi and as a supplier Ground Zero Games so next up was what to buy?

I went for three remote controlled robot weapons which rather annoyingly are shown with a 15mm figure who looks like he is the controller. Why annoying? well first you don't get the figure and second it does not tell you this. So I felt a little flat when they arrived and no time really to order any as I had left it a tad late.

One other reason I went for these was that Fran had already said the GZG's vehicles were a pain to make up so thought I would save him the bother of making these up. Actually they were not too bad if you ignore the legs on the walkers. The wheel version came in eleven parts  the walkers in six which given the scale was a fair amount.

The sun bleached them a little, this is closer to the colour I painted them. I was trying to match a faction Fran had already painted, hope I came close.

Detail wise they were great, though not a lot of scope to tart them up. I tried to get close to the blue that Fran uses for his lenses but figure a quick touch up and it will fit right in.

All in all I think the Secret Santa and Santa Clause went well. One parcel I know of however failed to arrive though that is in the process of being sorted out and I look forward to hearing it's eventual resolution.

However Cath struggled a few times trying to work out issues and requests due to running both this year. Cath has already agreed to run the Secret Santa this year as she had a blast and all the kind messages for both really made it for her so thank you all very much for helping Cath have fun as well.

Cath has asked me to see if I can get someone else to run the Santa Clause though (the smaller of the two themes) so if anyone want's to take it on or has a spouse with the nounce please step forward. If no one want's to take over either myself of Cath will still run it. See below for how it was run last year.

£5 or equivalent worth of miniatures to be painted up and given to your target receiver

Names are randomly picked for who you will send to and who will send to you

You need to have a blog to be part of this so the painter can get ideas of what to paint.

Presents to arrive by Christmas, can be anonymous or come with your details, all up to you.

Of course if someone takes over they can change the rules.


  1. Those look great Ian - Fran's a lucky beggar :)

  2. I have too second Tamsin, very nice work

  3. I'm glad it all went well, barring some minor issues.

  4. Replies
    1. Glad you liked them Fran, hopefully will fit in with the rest of your force. Would have based them up if I had something to match them too


  5. They are great Ian and Fran you are a lucky fecker

  6. Cheers everyone, Have to admit it's a tougher gig to get it right when it's for someone else