Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Arena Rex Kickstarter Arrives

About 7-10 days ago Red Republic Games announced it was starting to ship the backers first wave products. I did have one item that was second wave and was given the option to change the item for a first wave item. I took this option and they also allowed me to swap one other figure as I was no as happy with the damage tree that gladiator had. Great news for me so I was happily waiting for this to land which happened today!

I was lucky enough not to get hit with any tax or the dreaded collection fee. I backed to the value of £120 so under normal lead terms this would be over 100 figures or in 6mm thousands of the devils but these are 32mm resin figures so came to a total of 11 figures and as you will see other things as well.

The pictures don't do them justice but they are VERY nice and shows what you can do with resin if your not throwing out crap but charging for gold! The detail is very crisp and the tallest figure will be just over 55mm tall so much for 32mm LOL.

The figures are a real mix of sizes, some tall, some tall and well fat, others are slim and closer to the 32mm scale mentioned above. I have gone through a few different attitudes to this kickstarter since pledging. One of worry as it failed to meet deadlines (my first experience of kickstarters) then onto should I have committed as much money when I did not that much spare and how much MORE I could have got right now if spent elsewhere. Finally to indifference and regret that it was a project that would not live up to expectations or desire once it arrived.

As such when the news of imminent dispatch was received I hardly mentioned it to Cath, nor have I blogged about it. However as the days have ticked by I have started to look forward to receiving the parcel but not to the point of looking for it when I came home and as such when a box was sitting on my chair I did not connect to what it was and did wonder what someone had sent to me. When I realised I was happy but not excited. Indeed I did a few bits for the kids before taking a look at the figures. The quality got me roused up but I had tea to cook (Cath has Tuesday evening out to herself, she calls it grocery shopping but an evening out is an evening out LOL)

11 figures and 12 bases and tokens, nice touch in case something goes wrong or missing! Only after the kids had their tea did I sit down for a good look and I have to say wow. The top quality production does not stop with the figures. The tokens were originally going to be resin as well but were changed over to plastic after issues cropped up in pre-production and I have to say it makes no difference as these are fine. I have a resin base and token already so I can judge them against each other.

The rule book and faction card continue the high quality production. I have yet to read through the rules to see how they have developed from the playtest versions released to the backers but they certainly look impressive.

The stat cards with the damage trees are of high quality and look like they will withstand a good bit of use. The artwork shown is the concept artwork that pulled in many a backer so it's great to see it here.

Art cards are also included and are about the size of A3 or half legal paper size and whilst they add nothing to the actual game as such are a very nice touch. All in all I have to say that my interest has been re-fired and I am really looking forward to getting this project back on the front burner. Even to the point of thinking of getting Brigantes Studio to paint them up for me but I really want to do them myself but it's something to consider.

That though is the rub, these need a good amount of time spending on them to get them right and I don't have that time here and now. Instead I will have to wait till next year until 1. I have Project Waterloo finished and 2. finished the figures for Matt. So I doubt I will get them started till after the Analogue Painting Challenge has finished. Still it's a target to aim for.


  1. Great posting and lovely pictures. Given up on Kickstarter these days as the project dates are seemingly almost always wrong. Mongoose's Judge Dredd has just celebrated its second anniversary and there's still loads of models left to be made. Some haven't even been sculpted yet!?! Glad yours turned out so well though as they look great and I'm looking forward to the New year now for when you start painting them :-)

  2. I'm so glad I missed this and I would have undoubtedly been tempted! They look amazing Ian, can't wait to see the assembled and painted up!

  3. I played this in the free pdf mode a while back and it has some great ideas. Should be a good game.

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  5. I knew there were delays with this as with many others and I'm glad to see that they came through in the end. Also good to hear that you're pleased with the quality.

  6. Hi Ian sent an e-mail to the hotmail account you provided. The goodies do look very nice. The figures look great. Regards Mark