Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Secret Santa Catching Up

First of all thanks to everyone who has confirmed their details in the last few days and to the latest victims members of this ever growing club. This is the third year we have had the Secret Santa and it's nice to see how much it has grown. We have a lot of old faces amongst us again so it must be pressing the right buttons.

Below I have the names of a few I still need to contact me with their postal address and blog details so I can pass them on to Cath. If you know the people involved can you let them know, I will be leaving messages on their blogs but any help would be appreciated.

So we have just a few more days to join the fun and  one more will give us 30!!! For those who do not know the idea is to have someone assigned to you who you buy a wargames related present for at around £15 whilst someone else is buying for you. This means come Christmas day you get something under the tree that will be a surprise and not for your feet.

Interested? just leave a comment below or email me via the button top right side of the blog and I will pass you onto Cath my wife who runs the show. 

So if your name is below can you please email me as above so I can pass on all your details to Cath.

J Miller
Ron Carnegie
Fire Monkey Boy
Paul Smith

and that's the lot so I am really happy with the state of things at the moment as I would have expected a few more on the list at this point.


  1. Sorry, could have sworn I sent that ages ago. Email incoming. I just realised I also forgot to include my blog:

    1. It is certainly possible but thanks for sending again.

      I think we are all sorted now