Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Super September?

Remember August's round up. Sub par levels of painting and a lead mountain spewing figures in mini eruptions? Well September was poles apart, amazing given the other commitments I had in the month. Still I seem to still have some frightening additions to the pile of figures to paint but a corner has been turned for sure.

The only items to be added to my mountain this month has been buildings. Mike sent me 25 buildings, 10 to be painted for his own collection and the rest for the Waterloo Project. The other building was bought as my Santa Clause present and I am really excited to get onto this soon. I can't say any more for obvious reasons but it will be painted this month as will all the 25 buildings received in September so I am very happy with my mountains slimming down process.

6mm has obviously been the focus of this month with 11 French Battalions and the equivalent of three Battalions of Zulu's finished off last night. This means that the 24 Battalions bought in July and a further 5 have been painted in three months, not to shoddy.
I did not touch any cavalry so I remain plus 7 but my end of December I should have that reduced to a minus figure.
Command has remained flat and guns reduced back to the same level as May. Both will see more painting done in the final quarter so again the mountain will be chipped away at.
Buildings look horrific at +50 and even with the 28 I plan to get painted this month I have a lot more to get done before I can get these back in hand. Mind you I need to sit down with Lee and work out how many buildings we need for Waterloo as I can expect to need more.
Wagons and Planes remain the same, I really am not concerned but I do need to get more painted up so we can try playing the rules we have.

In 28mm I carried over 12 last month and thought I would get some painted but that was a mission to far, expect some more work getting some of these over the table, mostly Vikings but a couple of cowboys and finally some Mansion of Madness figures for a friend (more like 25mm but they can count).
Finally painted up the two wagons from Partizan but the horses are still in their boxes, need to fix that this month.

Type Carried on Bought Painted      Mountain 
6mm Infantry PLUS 9   14 Battalion      Minus 5
6mm Cavalry PLUS 7          PLUS 7
6mm Command Figs FLAT           FLAT
6mm Limbers FLAT          FLAT
6mm Guns and Crew PLUS 4   4      FLAT
6mm Buildings PLUS 25 25        PLUS 50
6mm Wagons  PLUS 4          PLUS 4
6mm Planes PLUS 9          PLUS 9
28mm Infantry PLUS 12          PLUS 12
28mm Wagons PLUS 2   2      FLAT
28mm Horses PLUS 2          PLUS 2
28mm Building FLAT 1        PLUS 1
So it looks good, well yes and no. The World Championships is at Castle Donnington this weekend and so far I have the following on my wish list

6mm Four Battalions of the new Baccus French Guard and four Guard guns and crews.
Whilst at Baccus I plan to pick up some Ancients for a side project I am interested in dabbling at. This will be a Field of Glory or DBM/A army with bases set for 15mm figures but packed with 6mm goodness. I will get at least enough for a pike phalanx and maybe some elephants but it's just going to be a fun slow burner as it has to fit round finishing off the Prussians and Zulu's

28mm I need a couple of figures to finish off my Saga command stand, a few more for Loki to paint up and that should be it.
I also plan on picking up some western buildings for the kids but as these may be prepainted and not effect the mountain at all.

Given that I will more 6mm painted than bought at the show I should continue to see the mountain shrink back. It's still too big to consider counting what I do have  to paint though. It's also possible the 32mm kickstarter figures will arrive as well, that's a sobering thought!

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  1. It's bad luck to count your unpainted figures. If asked, just say "It's not as many as it seems..."