Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Secret Santa - A Wish List of Sorts

I guess I should follow in others footsteps and put up a list of possible type of things I would like to find under the tree but if you have followed this blog for any length of time my Santa may already have an idea or two of their own but in no particular order.

28mm Cowboys. Got more than I need but when has that ever stopped us. Could even be props for the game.

28mm Saga figures for any of the following Welsh, Scotts, Bretons, Anglo Saxon, Jomsvikings, Strathclyde, Irish, Franks, Norse Gaels or Norman's, yes an excuse to expand by Saga forces.

28mm Nice fantasy monster/s

1/72 Russian Tanks, anything as I don't have any and plan to cater for all periods of the war.

20mm Russian infantry with heavy weapons such as mortar HMG, ATR  etc.

15mm Dominate Roman Legionaries, I have Essex and 2015 will see these get some love, happy for other makes that fit with Essex. 

15mm  Magister Militum Pike (ALM4) got four large blocks but when does that ever stop us.

6mm Polish Napoleonic's Baccus or Adler
6mm French Guard Baccus or Adler

6mm Ancients
Phalangites AMA1 and 3 Open handed pike from Baccus
Companion Cavalry AMA5
Thracian Infantry AMA10
Generals AGR13
Psiloi Bow AGR4
Whilst I list Baccus that's because these are what I know so happy for others. 
This as you can see is a new distraction but feel free to ignore it.

Or anything else at all, that's the great thing about the Secret Santa, I have no idea what it will be and as such it's got to be great.


  1. Replies
    1. I wanted to make sure I get a surprise, Cath can get the rest for my Birthday LOL


  2. Ok, I don't feel so bad about my list now....hehehehehhe

    1. It's all about helping out Santa making it easier for him LOL


  3. Hopefully Santa is watching.....hope you have been good.

    1. I hope he is only looking when I am good LOL