Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

AP86 Milling About AAR

I have decided to post my ASL games in my general blog rather than just my ASL blog that is just not getting any of my time. I hope to also post in that blog as well but we will see if that works out.

I have been playing through the scenarios from Action Pack 9 with Duncan and it's been a blast so far. Up to this point I have drawn the British with their terrible ELR, prone to disrupting when failing their morale tests. It's a testament to the scenario design than with this happening I have managed to win the scenarios all of them tight finishes.

AP86 has elements of the Gurkha Rifles (elite)  and 4th Burma Riles (1st and 2nd Line) trying to stop elements of my Japanese 112th Infantry Regiment (1st line) and Burmese Independence Army (partisans) from either exiting 6 CVP off the top (north) edge and or causing six more CVP than received.

We both set up independent of seeing the others set up and then diced to see who moved first. I took a slight gamble by positioning myself adjacent to where the British could set up and sure enough we did have a few squads next to each other but the way I had set up would allow me to effectively split the defending force it two.

Duncan seemed to recognise this as he declined to contest the cactus hedge that separated our forward troops. Instead he slowly moved these troops through the long grass (Kunai) keeping his units hidden. Troops in the centre moved faster as he tried to get his MMG onto a hill to the rear. However the troops on the left flank were to move slower and this would allow me on turn one to start to infiltrate between them and the other troops.

Once this was done I had quite an advantage and quickly started to break and then kill the British units as I isolated them one or two at a time. By mid game I had a good point cushion and was still able to keep the now severely weakened enemy falling back in front of me. 

I was able to pull off a Banzai charge, though it cost me a unit I was able to take out the last troops that were in position to block the majority of my troops and again allowed me free movement. I then relaxed a little too much and almost allowed Duncan back into the game, so much so I was starting to get distracted by it. 

Even so I pressed on and by the end of my turn 4 I was in position to take the win the next turn. I got one squad off the board which was worth 4 CVP and just retreated with the rest into a position Duncan could not close and regain the lost CVP's, a rather gamey way to win though it was very unlikely that he would have got his points back if I stood my ground.

End positions, the pieces off board are the squads etc. that were killed in the game, quite a few as is normal in a PTO scenario. Quite a fast scenario that could be played in a single session, though we took one and a half sessions and a fair bit of chat. I recommend it, not to many PTO rules and SSR's are reasonable. A good scenario for the less experienced PTO player.

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