Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Building of the Week - Medieval

I painted up these three medieval buildings with the main intent of using in future ECW games, even though these are a far off future project as I need to paint up a fair few more units before I can hope to get a game in.

These are two of the Leven Miniatures FAR05 Medieval Town House and costs £2.50 a building. They have a stone ground level and the timber and render upper floor. 

It does not come across in the images but the render colour is slightly different on the two buildings. I have painted these before so have a bit of a collection going which is great as they can also be used in Europe and once based will help pad out my town.

This is the FAR11 Medieval Farmhouse at £2.50 that again I have painted before but this time it will be used as another of the older buildings in the town. Again I find myself repeating that the quality and price are both great and these should be on any 6mm gamers list who has an interest from Medieval to Napoleonic as they are s versatile. Even up to modern in the right setting the odd building could be used.

I am back to the Project Waterloo buildings fr the next couple of weeks as I want to get more of the key buildings finished though I will be fitting in a few others in the coming weeks as well.