Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 26 February 2016

Italian Guard Conscripts by Adler

I finish off the Italian Guard Infantry with the Guard Conscripts, the only guard battalions that wear shako. These are Adler Young Guard figures that work well for the Italians.

Like the other guard infantry I need two battalions for Project Russia 1812 and now only need to paint up a few guns and a small unit of cavalry. Then I will need to start on the Poles.

Being Adler they have loads of detail that stands out quite well making painting the detail that much easier. These actually painted up quicker than I expected.

A trick to speed up painting is to paint the shako cords before the shako and then paint the shako up to the cords. You still need to touch up a few of the cords but on the whole they are done.

I just inked the faces as my Nut Brown Ink was running low and had gone really think. I have restocked now so will be back to normal for the next lot of 6mm I do.


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    1. Thanks Happy, just need to get a few more done and the Italians are all done