Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Via Ludibunda Fantasy and Medieval 28mm 3D Printed Scenery

I received a email from Drunken Dwarf Design asking me if I would take a look at their Kickstarter and post something about it if I liked it. I do get the odd one of these and often take a look but if it's not something I would like or feel looks a bit off kilter then I simply leave it be. I don't like to go out of my way to be negative most of the time.

So obviously this kickstarter has to have something going for it, first up it's not quite the usual one in that you are not buying a finished product.

What is on offer is STL format files that you can then get printed on a 3D printer. The backers are basicly giving the designers the cash to be able to extend their designs and build up a greater library of designs. These being skins of buildings and the extra detail that makes them individual. The image above is showing how you can build the building so that it can be opened up for moving miniatures about. It's more aimed at the fantasy gamer than the historical though I think the latter can find quite a bit of use for these. Interior detail is included, again ticking the roleplayers boxes the most. Will we see them branching out to other periods such as Wild West? I think its quite possible if this proves to be a success.

The parts as you can see can be to some extent swapped about for more versatility and keep the town you build from looking like a series of clones. The files are even open for you to modify in a CAD program.
Whilst aimed at the 28/32 gamer you can re-size the files so that you can produce 15mm or even 6mm sized buildings. The cost of the files remain the same but your further outlay on getting them printed would obviously be lower as it would use less material.

Talking cost I have lifted the statement directly from the blurb, how much it would cost to get the building printed from a commercial 3D printer I have no idea but given the 30-60g I guess you could get a few quotes before pledging.

Our models are inexpensive to make, each part of a building will use between 30 and 60g of PLA or ABS, at the current prices that's between 0,70€ and 2€ (£0.5 to £1.50/US$0.75 to US$2.20), and you can print them as much as you like, so if you need 10 houses then you just have to print one 10 times and it will cost you the price of 1 pre-made plastic or resin house !

Some of the buildings are open plan, this allows for market traders and such like, how about a scenario based around a market? That never gets old, well for us gamemasters.

As you can see you get a lot of detail. The fact you can use sections again and again as once you own the file you can get it printed as often as you wish.

For 60 Euro's you will get the whole set of files from basic buildings through to all the castle parts and all unlocked stretch goals. Other optional add on buildings like the graveyard can be bought on top of the 60 Euro. For 15 Euro you would get at least three building designs so the initial outlay is quite low.

They are expecting to have it ready to ship (files) by April 2016 so if this is a realistic date then I would say the kickstarter is more a way of marketing come gaining sales rather than needing the cash to make the project. Obviously backing gets you the stretch goals so good incentives to get in on the kickstarter.

They are also offering the opportunity to buy produce to sell licencees for anyone wanting to trade in these buildings. My only concern with this is how they control the private licence peeps selling via e-bay etc.

So if it interests you, pop over via the link at the top or click here


  1. Now that's an interesting concept and certainly worth closer scrutiny.

  2. Well it's funded so it should be happening, I hope it does well