Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 15 February 2016

SAGA Gripping Beast Vikings

I have painted up another point of Viking warriors armed with spears. This will allow me to field a few spear armed units which I think should give my force a more realistic look. Indeed I now have enough Viking figures to look beyond Saga if I wish.

I went with quite basic colours and no high or low lighting leaving it to the ink wash to make these look a bit more appealing. I have also swapped out the Griping Beast shields for Black Tree shields where possible.

I really like the poses and amount of detail on these figures, just enough to break up each figure but not so much that it's a bit of a drag painting them.

I mixed the colours so that no two figures have the same tunics though two from above look the same in the photo. I still have quite a few of these left so may do a few more during the challenge, I will have to see.

I also mixed up the tufts across the eight models to keep them looking nice and varied. For Saga I am thinking a few units like these, a bow armed axe fodder and some elite troops. I have some more berserker types as well.

Here they are all together, now I just need to get myself organised and get a few more games in. The Boy has his Anglo Danes and I know Lee has done a bit more work on his faction. Before that though we have a games day of 6mm Naps with a side of Dead Mans Hand, I have some buildings to get done.


  1. That should prove to be a handy unit, nicely done Ian.

  2. I hope so, should find out at some point soon I hope