Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Casualty Markers for SYW

I only have two battalions of infantry and two guns and already I am on with the casualty markers! Well seeing as we will be using Black Powder (at least to start with) I thought they would look better than dice and have the advantage of keeping the correct score if knocked a bit.

These are again Old Glory via Timecast  and are actually from the artillery pack but are obviously casualties. So much so that I did not want to use them on the gun bases, but as I am using just three figures on the smaller guns these were spare. They also do a casualty pack so will probably pick one of those up in the future once I am well into painting the figures I have in hand.

Again these are nice sculps with plenty of detail. I wanted to tart them up a bit so added flocking powder to a grass tuft for a flower effect. The base is one of the smaller dial markers from Warbases (30mm diameter) and yes I will be buying more at Partizan this weekend.

The fourth one saw me use a spare drummer from the two battalions I painted up first. Originally he was going on a command stand but I could not resist getting him finished off. I still have a number of spare unpainted figures that could make it to command bases but these have yet to be painted.

I have just prepped up three battalions of Prussians from the Lancashire Games army pack so these will be started at some point this week. Size wise they work fine with the Old Glory ones, well the infantry do, not checked the guns or cavalry yet. Talking of cavalry I have a regiment of Hussars also on the table so will have to get these started as well. I even have a couple of old limbers that will be painted up soon just to have them ready.