Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

SYW Prussian Guns

As promised last week, here are my SYW Prussian guns. With these I think I temporarily pass Lee on units finished. However I do know he has a few guns in the almost finished so unless I get on with some more bits he will have the lead over me again.

These are again Old Glory as supplied by Timecast and like the infantry have a great amount of detail. I have another four guns to do, another heavy and three lighter guns as well as four horse artillery guns. Lots to go at then but I won't need to paint up many more for awhile as I need to paint up bits of what I don't have.

I have used four figures for the heavy gun and just three for the lighter one. All guns have the same size base so this will help show the difference between the two sizes.

Both guns and crews painted up fairly quickly which was a big plus after the slow work on the two infantry battalions. I now have to decide what to paint next, I have a regiment of Hussars prepped but I have also received the Lancashire Games army pack so may paint up some of the infantry to see how fast they paint up. I will also move onto their cavalry as I only have the heavier cavalry via Lancashire so far.

Were still a month or possibly two away from having a game which will allow more painted figures to be on the table which is good. Just over a week to Partizan which will probably see a few more bits bought for the project but the main event will be meeting up with fellow bloggers at the Northern(ish) Bloggers Meet, very similar to the Salute Meet.