Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Catching up on the Painted Stuff!

Paint or Blog!, not quite March or Die but close enough. These pics have found their way to Curt's blog for the Challenge but not here, so here goes.
First up are the two Napoleonic wagons I had bought off E-Bay in about November. They sat on my painting desk ready to go (arrived primed) ever since. A great thing about the Challenge was that it got many of us to work on projects we had allowed to go stale or just plain forgotten. These two really took little time once they were started. They are H&R 6mm and whilst the rules take no account of them I just wanted to do them anyway. Overall I am quite pleased with them and I am sure the odd photo will feature them in the future. At the moment we have no Nap games planned but I am working on a rules set that may give more feel of the period than we are getting from Polemos. Not that we would not use them but we want more than they offer to be honest.
Maybe at the back of my mind I had already decided to get the FoG Renascence rules, either way I used this as my entry for Female Fatal, after all more good men have been lost to women than war! The poor bugger linked to this lass has been lost to both! I had started painting this figure about 20 years ago and stopped part way through, unhappy with the colours. Well I was happy to strip it back and start again. I did it from start to finish at the end of a sitting. The flash has bleached the paint a little but the colours are much better and more historical. This base will ultimately end up as part of my ECW camp which I already have enough figures to be able to make a good mix.
Figures are FriKorps who were years ahead of everyone one else in this respect. I plan to re-look at my ECW armies, after all these were the first ones I painted and some will be touched up but others may end up being sold on. I have lots of the old Essex Dwarfs and unless I see something even better would like to go fully over to Matchlock, though this may have to be at conventions as their on-line catalogue lacks pictures.
I need to take new pics of my Ancients camp as I was not happy with the originals, so that one maybe next time.


  1. Great figures! I've got the last three figures. I never knew it was Frei Corps figure??


  2. Well I could be wrong Ray, but fairly sure they are as I bought them at the same time as the Dragoons I painted near the start of this blog and thet were Frei Corps.