Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 2 March 2012

Two Months in.

Well the year continues to roll on. Seems a good point to access where I am at. I am not unhappy with my painting progress and the Painting Challenge has a little to do with this. More in fact in shaping what I have painted rather than the numbers of items done. Though it has increased my output, but less so than I expected. I already knew I was a fairly slow painter but I am middle of the pack but most of the guys in front are double and more then points in front of me and they are doing it with excellent painting, so it's a little humbling. No bad thing.
Figures bought.
Well I used the last of my Christmas money to buy some more Magister Militum 15mm, mostly for the Macedonian Army but also a few bits for the Persian. Vast majority of the money I have spent has been on the ASL sniper project, I would say £80-90 on figures and £25+ on paints. Now add the £40 on bases £8 on tufts and you get the picture. The plan has always been to sell these and get the money back, basically painting these up should allow my hobby to be cost free as I can't fund it beyond Birthday and Christmas money. Well the good news is I have plenty of interest and it looks that this will work out how I hoped it would. At present it takes up more painting time than I really want to commit to it but once I have the Japanese and Brits done to a point I will back off a little. Overall I have a lot more unpainted figures that I like (discounting the pile Martin gave me which scews the figure beyond reason).
Games Bought.
Bought A Euro with Christmas funds in Jan, still yet to play it, big black mark!!!
Also had bought for me WO 2012 Pack, three scenarios and a double board for ASL. This from another Martin, as each year three of us have taken it in turns to buy the packs and it was his turn. Already played one from it 2 days after it landed!!
Awaiting Festung Budapest, an historical Mod for ASL, with a major price tag of £100 but this was the majority of old ASL funds, and the biggest chunk of Christmas monies (yep no presents LOL).
Last up was Action Pack 8 for ASL paid for by the credit I had on my Visa Card from their points system. Just starting one of the scenarios from this.
Stuff Painted.
February is a short month so you can expect a drop off and sure enough I believe I have painted less but it's been just about all 28mm. The exception is the 6mm Nap wagons and the 15mm camp for FoG, both need basing and varnishing but I am reasonably pleased with my output considering I am far more tired at the moment that I was towards the end of Jan and start of Feb.
To say I have slowed down a little this month I was pleasantly surprised to see I have again had a higher number of page views this month than last. That's every month since the start. Disappointed I have not gained more followers but grateful for all those that have signed up. As with my other blog I get far more visits that the number of followers would sustain so plenty lurk which is fine.
Not as many as I would have liked. After a good start in Jan the ASL has tumbled down, as I expected before the year started I have failed to keep pace with last year despite having much more time, even close would be a surprise. I have had to cancel a number of games due to not being up to it, ASL though you sit down really makes you think and that grinds me down quickly.
Figures wise, not as many as hoped for. Lee is on target for where I thought we would be, but Barry and I have managed just one last month, though we hope to start March nice and early with Impetus.
Looking forward I have 18 more days of the Challenge so hope to go out with a charge of painting, I want to start the Seleucid army so may well dive into them as they piggy back the Macedonian Army anyway. Only thing I think that army needs that I don't already own is the Gauls, I may well pick them up come May.


  1. You've been bloody busy Ian, see I told you it was the poxy blogroll....

  2. LOL

    It keeps me awake in the day, worrying about paying for it all keeps me awake at night.

    Should you be working? Hope you and Ray both have a great weekend (snigger)


  3. He won't, I've made sure of it....

  4. Great work on making your Christmas money last so long.

    The first two months flew by.

    I didn't realize you had two blogs. Do you find it hard to keep up with both?

  5. I sometimes do. I was made redundant 8 months ago but a month or so after what was thought to be work related stress turned out to be a Genetic balls up (you see it is the parents fault) I have been receiving treatment since and it leaves me very fatigued so I can't do much at all at the moment. Painting helps a great deal as it makes me more awake, I already blogged my ASL (Wall Advantage) wanted to write about coming back to figuregaming but knew I could not do it in the original blog. The rest is history. I know if I manage to get fit enough to work again I will blog less, though I will never manage to do my previous job again


  6. I'm sorry about that. I know what it feels like to have to leave a job because of health stuff. I had to leave one because of my spine once. It sucked. But then I got the new job. And I love it even more.

    I hope the same happens for you, and you find something that you love to do, but that doesn't cause problems.

    Painting is nice. I once did ceramics, which is not nearly as tiny work and what you guys do, but it was relaxing.

  7. You have a really great blog here Ian and i'm glad your enjoying the challenge as much as i am i look forward to seeing what you have next to do. I'm not sure what i'll do after i finish my ecw army, if i do, been a bit under the weather and haven't done much in the passed week and have a busy week ahead, oh well might allow others to catch up a bit. keep up the great work

  8. Happy, well I have a different outlook to be fair, if I had not lost my job I would have probably died through the illness as all the symtoms point to stress and overwork.
    The shame is I had worked hard and made it up the slippery poll and now probably will struggle to get a job at the same level, so lots of hard work wasted. Still it was fun most of the time LOL. Give me 6 more months and I should be able to go back to normal work as long as the fatigue and pain drop back (they remain nearly as high as when I started)

    Kent, from you that's a lot of praise. Like you I am following your work. I am so amazed that you produce so much, so well painted and so quickly. The Challange has been so much fun even though I was out of the running so very long ago. But thats not what it's all about.


  9. As everyone's already said, you've a great blog, I see mine as an extension to my painting and gaming. The painting challenge has enthused my painting, I'm usually a quick painter, but I've speeded up the output just to try and stay in the top 5, keep up the great work on blogs and with a brush.
    Fran is a tosser!!!

  10. Thanks Ray, any top tips for cleaning coke off my screen? ;-)