Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Early Days (Oh What Fun We Had)

How about this for a blast from the past. My wife was looking through some old photo's yesterday and came across this gem from when I was about 16 years old. Taken at my parents house. In fact four of us are in the photo, three of us continue to this day with some form of gaming (could be all four of us but I lost contact with the guy leaning on the wall). My old N gauge train layout was often used for 1/72 scale battles. Books were used for hills, we used a very basic home grown rules for the most part. Line of Sight is being checked by me with a periscope my father had made (also great for getting you right into the action). The one thing it was above all else was a great deal of fun. If only we could still capture the raw enjoyment of those heady days.


  1. Excellent. I remember those days. Maybe we loose the fun of it all as we get older and are able (finacially) to achieve more in terms of realism on the table and we become less excepting of the big adding Huey helicopters to a WWII game to transport troops about :-D
    The periscope...I´d totally forgotten about that. i seem to remeber Airfix magazine did an article on using one.

  2. Great photo! At Rejects HQ, we all act a lot younger than this, rattles a dummy squabbles are a normal occurrence!!

  3. Yup FUN... I guess that should be the point. The painting/modelmaking now that may be enjoyment, but the FUN of rolling that double 6 when that is what you absolutley need and having a laugh about it with mates is priceless.

    I am trying to come up with that for my Sudan stuff at the moment with the fuzzies being controlled by randam factors - getting there with the design - just need some more troops to try it out!

  4. I went through a patch last year with ASL where it was NOT fun and had to decide, get a new perspective or stop playing for awhile. ASL is 95%+ of my gaming time and over 70% of my hobby time. Obviously a major issue. It still remains that high a percentage but the fun factor is back. Figure gaming though remains a giggle, both with Barry and Lee, is this because it's fresh again or is it down to the far less complex rules and requirments?

  5. That is fantastic. I've found photos of Tim as well, back in the day - gaming.

    Good stuff.

    It just started pouring. No lie. I dunno what happened to the sun but it is gone. Glad it is nice by you.

    I had to google corker. You war gamers teach me all kinds of new words.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  6. We get a little more fussy I think, back then a couple of books with a green cloth thrown over them, not that worried about the paintwork or the accuracy of the figures, happy days and I need a moment.....

  7. Fran.... is that feelings I see? From you? wow



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