Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 22 November 2012

6mm Baccus ACW and on E-Bay too.

I painted up eight bases of Baccus Union infantry with the aim of putting them on e-bay. I am not a fan of ACW but really liked the way I was taught to paint them back at the Baccus games day. I have added a few stages into the process to make them a better finished model and though it adds to the painting time is well worth the extra effort.

I never had any intention of holding onto them and put them on E-bay last Friday but fumbled the location and instead of putting under table Top I placed them in Toy Soldiers so have edited the listing. I am selling them as 4 base's of 24 so have two auctions on the go. The link to one of them is here.
This is the first brigade, I had fun working on the flags to give the look of wind blowing them and each stand has a different look to make it more pleasant on the eye.
Both brigades are basically the same but with a little bit of mixing the colours of the felt hats you do get slight differences not that I think you notice unless pointed out.

I used Baccus flags as I usually do and sorting out 16 flags all at the same time improved my skill in this which should be noticeable in the next lot I will be flagging tomorrow. That's right I have painted up another 8 units so just a shade under 400 figures for a period I do not tend to play. It was fun to do though. I really like the nut brown ink method of washing the figures as a final pre basing stage.
I know I said I would have something other than 6mm to show but I am afraid the next couple of posts will still be 6mm but I am working on THAT pike block which I hope to get finished before the end of next week.


  1. These look great Ian, best of luck with them.

  2. Wow, lovely work! I hope you do well with them - they deserve it.

  3. Thanks guys, only a few more hours till they run out. I now need to go away and finish the other regimenys, they need a little base work and flagging so on the home stretch